Activated Charcoal

It can be difficult to imagine that something as mundane and dull as activated charcoal can produce such a positive and amazing result on achieving a near perfect porcelain complexion. When we hold it in our hands it is dark and gritty and yet when we use it on our skin it produces head-turning results, turning otherwise dull and lifeless skin into „LOOK AT ME“ skin.

The life of a modern woman can be harsh on the skin. We are exposed to a cacophony of lights and UV rays. Our delicate outer layers absorb so many chemicals and toxins throughout a day in the city that our skin can be left dull and almost grey looking. The modern woman is truly a marvel of today,s society. Woman work so incredibly hard at being a strong career woman, loving mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends. Yet, the greatest attribute to the strong modern woman is her ability to still be flexible, soft and beautiful in an unyielding world. All of these stresses can seep deep into the very pores of our skin and leave their unsightly marks.

In the dull greyness of today,s hectic lifestyle, we can find a glowing beacon in such an ordinary substance. Activated charcoal can do so much to push away the dullness and let our inner light shine through. When used as a facial mask, activated charcoal will adhere to all those pesky toxins and everyday grime. Activated charcoal will pull these nasties right out of our very pores and when washed away, will reveal the shining, bright and inner beauty hidden beneath the surface. Like a pirate digging through those crusty, surface layers to reveal the magical treasure buried beneath the everyday grime. You can also say goodbye to oily skin as this little mound of black gold will also rid you of unsightly greasiness.

Activated charcoal also works as a natural, non-abrasive exfoliant. Acne can be such a debilitating problem, stipping away confidence as it leaves it,s ugly mark. With regular use, activated charcoal can be the most perfect and gentle exfoliator. Drawing in the toxins and being washed away to reveal soft, glowing skin and teeny, tiny, almost invisible pores. Every woman deserves to have the very best of herself revealed to the world. Activated charcoal is the very ingredient to facilitate this transformation, just like a dull looking caterpillar transforms into a stunning and delicate butterfly. This gentle and chemical free product will not leave tell-tale marks on your skin. Instead, you can reveal the shining purity that is the essence of every woman. It will ignite that little spark that makes every woman the unique and shining star that she truly is. As black as the darkest night, activated charcoal will hide the impurities one moment before being washed away and once again presenting her to the world... free of the shackles of today,s harsh world and transformed into a mythical, alluring creature for all the world to admire.