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What is Agar oil?

Would you trust that an essential oil acquired from infected wood charges a higher rate than gold? It sounds strange, doesn't it? But somehow that is the story with Agarwood essential oil or Oud as it is familiar in the Middle East.

Agarwood is the resinous heartwood shaped in infected trees of the evergreen Aquilaria and Gyrinops tree families, local to southeast Asia. This valuable wood and its oil have a profound spiritual history and importance, and they are referred in the ancient spiritual writings.


This is an essential oil with massive healing properties that covers an enormous scope of complaints. You’ll find its therapeutic advantages owned by an awesome arrangement to its chemical make-up which gives this essential oil a scope of massive advantageous properties.

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Agarwood originates from the species Aquillaria agollocha and is grown in in Assam, India, a territory initially known to have a plenitude of natural magnitude for agarwood trees. The complex scent you smell of Agarwood originates from a procedure where fungi contaminate the trees, delivering an oleoresin which immerses the wood. It is through the wood builds up its fragrance.

Benefits of Agarwood Essential Oil


Agarwood essential oil is beneficial to spiritual and emotional practices. Agarwood oil brightens mind and reinforces the power of thinking, uplifts your sensitive measure and can relax you toward spiritual illumination while meditating. Inhaling the fragrance of agarwood essential oil assists to concentrate the mind and throw away pessimism. It can eradicate anxiety and stress while enhancing peace and serenity.

Pain Relief

Agarwood oil has been utilized for a long time and is still utilized today to mitigate numerous unbearable conditions including stiffness and different types of joint inflammation. This oil has anti pain substances that can mitigate your pain and safely treat you aching issue.

Diuretic Function

Agarwood essential oil has diuretic properties implying that it advances more regular urination and in addition expands the amount of urine produced. This implies agarwood essential oil can be utilized to help detoxify the body and get out any extra salt and uric acid that can prompt your negative health issues.

Digestive Function

Agarwood essential oil has been utilized to treat various stomach related problems. Agarwood has carminative and stomachic properties that can help alleviate humiliating and excruciating gas production in the stomach while stopping any production of gas.


Agarwood essential oil is likewise utilized as a general skin tonic and can help to treat various skin conditions. If you have problems with dead skin cells and battle the harm caused by the free radicals that we confront each day. A significant number of the indications of aging, for example, wrinkles and age imprints can be treated with agarwood essential oil.

Other Uses

There is an impressive number of other restorative uses for agarwood essential oil that are beyond expectation. They incorporate epilepsy; liver gripes, for example, cirrhosis and hepatitis; fever and chills. You can use it for delivery pain during and after birth, nausea, and vomiting. You can also utilize it to treat an assortment of cancers, for example, gastric, abdominal and lung cancer as well.

Side effects

Agarwood essential oil might have some side effects besides of its amazing uses. Though it’s really great for skin, it might be a bit irritating to the skin depending on the skin type and kind.

A limitation is always necessary. Extra consumption may result in Nausea, stomach rumble, and diarrhea.