Ajwain Oil


What is Ajwain oil?

Ajwain is an associate of the Umbelliferae family that comprises of other members about 2700 together with caraway, cumin, and dill. Mostly, Ajwain forms the art of Indian cooking. Here, it's also referred to as bishop's weed or carom. It is precisely for the perfect vegetarian nourishment available in Gujarat state.


Ajwain seeds are grayish-green in color, stripped and curved in appearance. They comprise an excellent silk stalk attachment and have an essential oil that is about 50% thymol. This content is a potent antiseptic, a fungicide, and medicine.


Never eat Carom seeds under the following conditions:
  • Internal bleeding.
  • Stomach ulcer.
  • An ulcer that develops in the mouth.
Carom seeds can worsen such disorders by increasing the signs of such diseases.


Ajwain seeds serve as a spice in cooking. The seeds release oil and increase flavor when crushed, mostly when they are used whole for parathas or other loaves of bread. Ajwain has a specific affinity to foods that contain starch like bread and pastries, in most cases parathas. Snacks like potato balls and Bombay mix get an extra kick from Ajwain. It's also perfect for root vegetables and green beans. Thymol component found in the seeds is essential in perfumery and toothpaste. They provide a unique and robust fragrance when crushed. By its aphrodisiac property, the seeds are prescribed by the Ananga Ranga for increasing the enjoyment of a husband in his middle years.

Prevention of Diseases

Ajwain seeds are essential in the prevention of the following conditions:
  • Loss of appetite for food.
  • Problems in food digestion.
  • Intestinal gas.
  • Spleen disorders.
  • Worm infestation.
  • Abdominal pains.
  • Liver disorders.

Lack of appetite for food

Ajwain modulates the secretion of gastrin in the stomach and raises the rate of digestion. It reduces the chances of the hepatic tissue from being inflamed and treats diseases caused by fats. These disorders cause poor appetite.

Flatulence and intestine gas.

Its seeds reduce the formation of gas in the stomach by removing the blockage as a result of the stool that tends to trigger.

Bloating and abdominal distention

The most popular cause of these conditions is more gas that accumulates in the stomach. Carom seeds enhance their removal. Most Indians add it to food for the reason of avoiding gas formation in the stomach and improved digestion.


Ajwain has been reported to be more efficient in preventing infestation of hookworms though it helps to trigger all kinds of worms found in the intestines. A dose of its portion is applied in a dosage of 125mg twice on a daily basis for seven days.

Respiration-Related Infections

Ajwain consists of bacteriostatic, antibacterial and bactericidal actions that fight respiration-related infections. It reduces the growth of microbes and thickening of mucus to increase the elimination of stuck amounts of mucus that come from the lungs.

Urticaria (Hives)

Carom seeds have an identical work as modern drugs known as an antihistamine. In the right combination, it minimizes itching and is a perfect option for treating hives.

Side effects

Caron seeds are only secure in right amounts. They are safe in a curative dosage as well. Excess values that exceed ten grams a day can result in the side effects below.
  • Mouth ulcer.
  • Burning sensation.