Allspice Oil

What is Allspice Oil?

Allspice is a dried ‘unripe' fruit which comes from an evergreen shrub that belongs to the Myrtle family of the genus pimenta. It’s also known by the name ‘Jamaican pepper' or simply its scientific name ‘pimenta dioica.’ Central Americans and Mexican people use allspice in their cuisines.


In the first place, the berries which are yet to ripe come from the pimento tree at full size. At this time, they are green in color with a diameter of 6mm. After that, they dry on the sun thoroughly. Allspice has two seeds. Crushed allspice has a sharp bite that is spice-related with full notes of sweet aroma.

Allspice Nutrition Value per 100g

  • Principle: Energy-263 cal, Carbohydrates-72.12g, Protein -6.09g, Fat- 8.69g, Cholesterol -0mg, Dietary fiber -21.6g
  • Vitamins: Folates-36ug, niacin-2.86mg, pantothenic acid-0.21mg, pyridoxine-0.21mg, riboflavin-0.063mg, thiamin-0.101mg, vitamin A-540 IU, vitamin C-39.2mg
  • Electrolytes: Sodium-77mg, potassium-1044mg
  • Minerals: Calcium-661mg, copper-0.553mg, iron-7.06mg, magnesium-135mg, manganese-2.943mg, phosphorous-113mg, zinc-1.01mg

Health Benefits

  • Allspice has some nutrients which fight against swelling and reduce redness of the skin. These active principles also relieve flatulence and prevent excess intestinal gas.
  • Have you ever heard about eugenol? This essential oil is a chemical substance found in our very own Allspice. Ever tried to know how it tastes, you will get to see that it has sweet aromatic fragrances that suggest mouthfuls of the real spice. As an essential oil, you can get eugenol from Allspice through distillation.
  • Can you go through some of the active principles I've mentioned above? Well, these Allspice active principles enhance the movement of gas in the stomach. I know if you hear about this you are reminded of constipation and bloating. With allspice in place, you can never experience that anymore. Don't even allow digestion problems to disturb your comfort zone because you have the best option that will secrete enzymes in the stomach and intestines.
  • I'm still talking about eugenol, and I hope I'm not bothering your attention. Get it clearly that eugenol is one of the essential oils you can get from Allspice. I'm very sure you've gone through a surgical operation, and you can tell the pain involved unless the surgeon uses eugenol to prevent the ache. Eugenol also acts against micro-organisms that cause diseases. Do you value your gums, or experience severe toothaches every time, and are you just tired of drugs that contain a lot of chemicals with no impact? I bring you the most effective herbal medicine with no side effects; eugenol an essential oil from allspice is useful for dental and gum treatment.
  • Still, in the mood of active principles, allspice yet has a lot of minerals. Feel free to mention them as I have indicated above in allspice nutrition value subtitle. Do you know how vital these minerals are in your body? I'll only remind you about one like iron which forms your red blood cells and is also important in cellular metabolism.
  • I cannot get tired to mention about vitamins found in Allspice. If you are one of my best students, you can be able to memorize them from the list above. Let me remind you about vitamin C as an example which is an active oxidation inhibitor in your body. It also helps your body to assume a way of fighting against harmful organisms that cause diseases.

Culinary Uses

If you want to get the real aroma and flavor, you have to crush allspice before you add it to the cooking recipes. Get in line with me as we look at some of the serving methods.
  • Indians use allspice for their vegetation and chicken curries. People in the Middle East have also found the importance of using allspice in making meat and rice dishes.
  • Allspice has been essential in the preparation of barbecue sauces, soups, and an ingredient in several curry powders.
  • In most Caribbean countries, natives use allspice to make liquors. A good example is a local drink by name Jamaican dram.
  • Most Jamaicans have found the benefit of the spiced corn along with other complimenting spices. They use the mixture to rub fish, meat, and chicken.

Safety profile

  • Allspice can result in severe allergic reactions in individuals who are hypersensitive and so they should avoid it whenever warranted.
  • If you take a dish that has a lot of allspice, it can result in irritations related to the stomach and intestines. Toxic doses can also cause central nervous system depression.
  • Avoid food made with allspice if you have these problems like diverticulitis, stomach ulcers, and ulcerative colitis.