An Ounce of Cure a Pound of Beauty

The new and trendy beauty secret that is out in the market these days, Rosehip Oil, its use supposedly does magic especially for the face. With its anti-anti oxidant properties nowadays marketed as a beauty product, but originally and traditionally it was used for treatment for a variety of illnesses. Rosehip Oil, because of its antioxidant properties, ithas elicited medicinal interest through the years and was used as alternative medicine. Research though not conclusive implies that Rosehip Oil has therapeutic effects, among other illnesses, on cancer and diabetes. As research continues for its medicinal value, it struck gold in the cosmetic world as some celebrities endorse and acknowledge it effect on the skin. In effect, what started out as a medicinal treatment found its way as an open beauty secret.

There are those that stand by Rosehip Oil as a beauty product and would swear on its effects. There are even big names in the modeling world that have their own line of Rosehip Oil, as its antioxidant properties are said to slow down aging and the regular use of this cosmetic wonder does the face wonders. But its uses are not limited beautifying the face, Rosehip Oil has a variety of uses, that includes the removal of scars, fixing cracked heels among other things. It is also said that Rosehip Oil can be used on Dry hair and split ends, to date its versatility looks like it has no bounds and as its popularity continues to grow so does its uses.

As its origins from being medicinal and therapeutic to its entrance in the cosmetic industry, Rosehip Oil is alsobeing used on pets as a pet grooming essential. Lately there are a number of ways to use this product and the variety of its application grows broader over time. As it seems there is no limit to what this product can do and although nowadays it is more widely known as an open beauty secret, we should not forget its medicinal origins, that pave the way for most of the organic and natural beauty enhancers as well as simple remedies that today does away with chemical and processed beauty quick fixes.

In today’s cosmetic world we start to revert back to organic products rather than processed high end fixes that in the long run serve as a safer and natural beauty enhancement treatment. Continuously growing is the clamor for these natural and organic products, as its natural properties seem to be healthier all that use them.