Annatto oil

What is Annatto?

Annatto refers to the food coloring and condiment that you get from the seeds of the achiote fruit by extraction. The achiote tree (lipstick tree) is a small plant that grows in the tropics of Central and Southern part of America with its scientific name Bixa orellana.


The plant’s flowers are white or bright pink. Its fruit is the part of the plant that is most desirable and features brown and red pods that have spikes and grow in groups. When the pods dry and separate by breaking, they expose the seeds which are red. From these seeds, an extraction of red pigment takes place.


  • This supplement is contraindicated during breastfeeding and pregnancy. Stay safe and avoid it.
  • Annatto may interfere with the control of the level of blood sugar during and after surgery. Stop its use at least 14 days before a scheduled surgery.
  • Annatto can cause allergic reactions in hypersensitive people.
  • There is insufficient scientific information on the appropriate range of annatto doses. Be sure to follow product labeled directions.


The benefits of annatto based on the value of the nutrients per 5 teaspoons include:
  • Energy: 108 kilocalories: Whenever you need energy, the body breaks down glycogen to glucose in the liver. Power is essential for strength and healthy functioning of organs.
  • Carbohydrates-20g: Carbohydrates as glycogen stored in the liver, is converted to glucose for energy in the general functioning of the body.
  • Dietary fiber-11g: Fiber reduces the intake of food while low levels of it lead to constipation.
  • Fat-0g: We need an average of 20% fat for good health.
  • Protein-4.0g: Proteins help in maintaining, building and repairing body tissues.
  • Folate- 87.6g, vitamin C-21mg: Vitamins help in reproduction, growth and overall good health.
  • Calcium-75mg: Minerals boost the immune system and maintain fluid balance.
  • Sodium-5 milligrams: Help in muscle functioning and maintenance of blood PH. Lack of electrolytes leads to severe muscle contractions and weakness.

Culinary Benefits

Annatto is used much in coloring food than adding flavor.
  • Annatto seed serves as a food coloring in Latin American and Filipino cooking. Here, people buy it as ‘achiote' paste.
  • In Philipines and Brazil, you can buy ‘atsuete' (annatto) in coloring or powder for food coloring.
  • In North American, British and European food, annatto works in coloring margarine, butter and cheese like orange cheddars, red Leicester and red Cheshire.

Health benefits

Nutritional Benefits

The spice contains a variety of nutrients that are potent antioxidants against free radicals that damage our body cells. The supplements also have disease healing natural components like tannins and saponins that treat diseases.

Gonorrhea Solution

For a long time, annatto has been known as an adequate remedy for gonorrhea. For eliminating the dangerous and painful conditions, annatto works either externally or internally.

Possible Anti-Cancer Treatment

Contained in its seeds, is a distinctive complexion called Norbixin that acts as an antioxidant to reduce signs and spread of cancer tumors. Norbixin is a unique anti-mutagenic response on health cells exhibited to the cells of cancer disease.

Stomach Issues

Mixing annatto supplements with herbal tea or any warm drink acts as a pain reliever for heartburn and pain of stomach cramps. Merely eat it directly to work as a stomach acid to heal the soreness and heartburn.

Promote Wound Healing

Annatto is a useful supplement for healing minor skin wounds. This aspect is enhanced by its antioxidant properties that fasten the production of tissues and cells to reduce scarring and damage to the skin.

Prevent Birth Defects

As one of the components contained in annatto, folic acid is popularly known for its ability to avoid neutral tube disease in newborn babies. It enhances the proper development of human babies in the womb.

Strengthen Bones

Annatto seeds are rich in calcium that is a significant contributor to durable and long-lasting bones as you grow old. In this case, calcium helps to curb osteoporosis making less likely for you to suffer from bone break.

Improve eye health

The red color of the plant seeds and the complexion extracted from them is for the reason of the carotenoids deposited in the seeds. This component behaves as an antioxidant in the ideal system triggering the growth of cataracts and avoids muscular degeneration.

Healthy Digestion

Annatto seeds contain fiber and have the ability to increase the rate of digesting essential minerals. These two uses award annatto the right of increasing health absorption and constipation avoidance.

Side Effects

Annatto seeds are LIKELY SAFE for a good number of people when consumed in food amounts. But No real facts exist on the safety of this supplement as a medicine till now.