Asafoetida Oil


What is Asafoetida Oil?

Asafoetida refers to dried latex extracted from the rhizome or tap root of several species of Ferula. The latex that is dry is called Hing in the Indian language. This herb grows in Iranian countries, and its surrounding although its primary production and use is typical in the regions of India.


It's a hard, sooty gum obtained from a perennial spice plant. When fresh, asafoetida is grayish-white, but with time, it darkens to yellow, red and finally brown. Traditionally, the resin of asafoetida was crushed with a hammer between two stones.


  • Never take any other substance while using asafoetida in case you are prone to drug abuse, alcoholism or depression as this can result in awkward side effects.
  • It is UNSAFE for babies when consumed by mouth because it might result in disorders related to the blood.
  • It is UNSAFE for breastfeeding and pregnant mothers to take asafoetida orally. It can cause miscarriage. The chemicals in it could also contaminate with the breast milk.
  • Don't use asafoetida if you are a victim of blood disorders.
  • The supplement is contraindicated for people with central nervous conditions and epilepsy cases.
  • It can interfere with the gastrointestinal, GI. The herb can irritate the GI tract. Don't use it if you have any GI infections.
  • This herb is contraindicated in people with hypertension or low blood pressure.
  • Stop using asafoetida at least 14 days before a scheduled surgery.


Asafoetida is abundant in the following nutrients:
  • Macronutrients- carbohydrates, fiber: Carbohydrates provide energy to the brain, heart, and central nervous system.
  • Vitamins- Niacin, riboflavin: Vitamins help in reproduction, growth and overall good health.
  • Minerals- calcium, iron, phosphorous: Minerals boost the immune system and maintain fluid balance.
  • Terpenoids- carotene: this is a pigment that gives fruits and vegetable color. In the body, it is converted to vitamin A, a powerful antioxidant that helps in vision health, skin and neurological function.

Culinary Uses

Asafoetida is available in powder or tablet form. It is wholly used for cooking as a food preservative, an additive and a scent for daily meal intake.
  • The gummy extract of asafoetida is a healthy spice for a smooth taste to soups and curries.
  • Cooking asafoetida provides a variation of spiciness, sweetness, saltiness, and sourness in food.
  • Gummy and dried asafoetida can be mixed with salt and eaten with raw vegetables.
  • It serves as a digestive medicine and a complimentary add-on to food.
  • This ingredient is sometimes cooked along with garlic onions.

Health Benefits

Prevent Cancer

One of the unique properties of asafoetida is its antioxidant component that fights against cancer cells.

Relieve Earache

Asafoetida acts as an antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory to reduce any pain in the ear which is brought about by infection.

Relieves Toothache

This herb fights infections in the mouth and reduces any pain in the teeth. It also soothes any diseases of the gums.

Soothing Headaches

Mix some asafoetida with water, drink the mixture thrice in a day and get relieved of head inflammations and headache.

Stomach problems Treatment

Asafoetida has proved its effectiveness in the treatment of most problems concerning the stomach. It solves cases of worms in stomach, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome and uncontrollable intestinal gas.

Curing Respiratory Problem

The most effective solution to breathing problems is asafoetida herb that aligns the respiratory tract and heals any pain in the chest.

Treats Allergies

Apart from making your skin smooth, it heals allergies related to the skin. Most skin allergies are caused by ultra-ray from the sun or dryness of which can be solved by this herb within few days.

Maintains scalp Health

It controls and enhances the standard acidic level of the human scalp. The grass keeps the scalp free of sweat, acne, dandruff, dryness, and oil.

Worm Repellent

The horrible smell of asafoetida is used to repel worms. If you regularly consume it in lukewarm water, it flushes out intestinal worms.

Side Effects

Asafoetida is LIKELY SAFE for a lot of people in the levels typically found in foods. There are some signs that it is POSSIBLY SAFE when taken orally as medicine. It might result in blood disorders, convulsions, diarrhea, swelling of lips, headache, burping, intestinal gas and other side effects.