Asafoetida Oil

Asafoetida - Source of Asafoetida Oil

What is Asafoetida oil?

Asafoetida essential oil starts from the resin or gum inside the roots of the little plant with a comparative name. It truly is removed by means of steam refining and may even seem light yellow, brilliant yellow, or even dull golden shaded. It has an awkward and stinky smell when they are not yet refined, but rather when refined in the oil frame, it gives a sweet-smelling aroma.


The botanical name of Asafoetida plant Feaula asafoetida is found locally in the Pakistan, Iran and furthermore the Afghanistan Mountains, however, is comprehensively grown in India. The essential oil and furthermore the resin of the Asafoetida plant is probably utilized as flavoring a couple of dishes and dishes smell extra flavored.


  • Keep Asafoetida oil in a tightly-sealed container.
  • Restore in a cool and dry place away from daylight.
  • Asafoetida oil is not worthwhile for pregnant ladies, for it has abortifacient and contraceptive impacts.
  • Consult your doctor regarding using Asafoetida essential oil as it might affect other medications.


Anti-Flatulent and Effective Digestive Aid

This specific essential oil includes a carminative operator, which will help you in bringing down gas through your body. The oil effectively attempts to lessen and some of the time expel the improvement of local microflora round the gut. This specific oil is brilliant for your stomach related guide since it has cholesterol-bringing down impacts.

A Potent Stimulant

you can utilize This specific oil similarly as one expectorant. Basically, in view of its fruitful stimulating qualities. It may be used to decrease respiratory infirmities like hack, asthma, and bronchitis.

An Aromatherapy Oil

Having sedative properties, Asafoetida Oil could likewise be utilized as fragrance based aromatherapy oil. It might help you with effectively diminish tension and also stress. Moreover, it is an effective nervine arrangement, which will help in alleviating and relaxing the nerves.


When added to recipes, the flavor of the Asafoetida essential oil adds a unique flavor to the meal. You can be creative and add it to curries, beef, fish etc.


Anise oil likewise helps in Digestion by fortifying the discharge of stomach related juices like acid and bile. It additionally advances the correct development of food through the digestion intestines and absorption of the nutrition by intestinal villi.

Natural insecticides

This essential oil likewise has insecticides property which naturally kills insects and bugs with its odor.

Side effects

Asafoetida oil can cause after use reactions after use. If you have any type of other medicines assigned, you should avoid the oil. Instantly consult your doctor stopping the use of the oil if you see any of the side effects mentioned below:
  • Bleeding disorders
  • High blood pressure or low blood pressure
  • Stomach and intestinal problems