Avens Oil

What is Avens Oil?

Avens refers to a small plant that belongs to the family of Rosacea. The botanical identity for this herb is Geum urbanum. It’s sometimes called Herb Bennett. This plant rarely grows tall.  Avens grows typically in areas that are mountainous. However, it’s also found on hills, plains, river shores, and in forest shades mainly in the Middle East and Europe.


Avens grows to a height of 10-20 inches tall and has a ligneous stem with a large area of spreading. Geum urbanum has thin, almost upright, wiry stems which seem to be branched but have one side that is reddish brown. The leaves of this herb alternate in form depending on their position and are of green color. The rhizomes of the plant are rough and hard with a chain of brown fibrous roots. The flowers are small with round yellow petals.

Categories of Avens

Mountainous Avens

This type has its scientific name as” Dryas Octopetala” and is mostly found in Eastern and Central Arctic. Also found in Asia, Scotland, the northern part of England and Northern Wales. They are evergreen or partially, and have creamy white flowers.

Water Avens

The botanical name for this type is “Geum rivale.” They are native to North America, Europe, and Central Asia. They thrive on the lake shores because they require moist conditions. This herb is used for medicinal value entirely.

Yellow Avens

The precise identity for this kind of Avens is “Geum aleppicum.” They mainly grow in the Eastern part of Europe, Asia, and Northern part of America. The herb has a height of 1 m tall with yellow flowers.

White Avens

Has its scientific name as is “Geum canadense? “They are very short in height. Mainly found in wooded areas, woodland borders, and meadows.

Culinary Use

  • In the past, Avens was considered as a useful ingredient in the kitchen. It served as a supplement for cloves as the latter was costly.
  • Its root was used as an additive for cocoa.
  • People used to macerate the herb in wine for one month and then filter it to get Avens wine.
  • It is used as a tea to help in the digestive system.
  • The soft young sprouts of the plant are used as vegetables.


  • Avens might be UNSAFE to use during pregnancy. It happens to interfere with the menstrual cycle.
  • Be sure to follow relevant instructions labeled on the product and consult a physician or pharmacist before using.


Mouth and Throat Treatment

Avens based herbal cures are majorly used to solve disorders affecting the mouth region and throat region. They also treat issues affecting the gastrointestinal tract.

Cures stomach irritations

Geum urbanum based herbal treatments also aid in reducing irritation affecting the gut and the stomach in individuals.

Vaginal Treatment

Avens treats excessive discharge of the vagina and also facilitates the overall cleansing of the vaginal cavity.

Treats Fever

This herb has a quinine component that supposedly creates relief from fever by bringing down the temperature of the body.

Acts as an Antidote

Avens root counteracts poison in food. It's also a perfect antidote for other kinds of poisoning like excess alkaloids.

Treats Allergy

Avens herbal supplements are useful in the treatment of most kinds of topical allergies and other problems like weeping eczema.

Liquor Preservative

The fresh root of Avens provides an excellent clove-like flavor to liquor and preserves it from getting sour by adding beneficial properties to it.

Relieves diarrhea and intestinal problems

As an astringent, Avens can correctly treat both intestinal infections and diarrhea disorders.

Dental Care

Avens is a perfect antiseptic that deals with issues of plaques, stomatitis, gingivitis, toothaches, amygdalate and dental abscesses.

Stops Bleeding

This herb contains hemostatic properties that reduce cases of bleeding either as a result of external injuries or internal problems.

Side Effects

  • The safety of water Avens and its potential side effects has not been established. Take care!
  • Avens is safe when consumed in small quantities as a food flavoring. There is not enough information on whether it is safe to use in large medicinal amounts.