Aztec Clay

Every beauty routine starts off with a nice clean face. Right? Well, not necessarily. Sometimes the first step to the fabulously clean skin is getting it a little dirty. This is where Aztec Clay is a must have product for your skin care regiment.

This amazing substance comprises of one key ingredient – bentonite clay. This wonderful product of Mother Earth can give you the expensive spa experience in the comfort of your own home and for a fraction of the cost. An Aztec Clay mask will penetrate deep into the very pores of your skin and forms a very tight bond with all the toxins and impurities hidden beneath. Once dried you will not only wash away the mask but also all the unwanted nasties as well. Even those with some serious acne problems will be astonished as they witness their blemishes diminish in size after one application. It is also an exceptional ingredient for dealing with other skin irritations such as insect bites, inflammations, blemishes, etc.

The true beauty of Aztec Clay is it,s versatility. Firstly, Aztec Clay is very safe and gentle to use for all skin types. The Aztec clay can be mixed exclusively for you and your individual skin type. In just minutes you can smooth this soothing paste on your face, put on some relaxing music, find a comfortable spot to rest your head and let Aztec Clay get to work, literally absorbing and removing dirt and grime while you get some well-deserved rest and relaxation.

Secondly, you can think of Aztec Clay as being just like an external detox. In the same way, we consume a selection of good, wholesome foods in their most natural state to cleanse away the debris inside our bodies, Aztec Clay, also in its most natural state, cleans away the dirt and debris from our skin. And just as good food very quickly makes you feel spectacular on the inside, an Aztec clay mask will make your skin feel so unbelievably alive. As you relax with your Aztec Clay mask on your face, you will soon feel like a pampered Aztec Queen – a stunning and mysterious creature ready to face the world.

Clay or mud masks have had an exceptionally popular history, going back thousands of years. Women, including ancient royalty of the past, have passed on this wisdom from generation to generation. Among the dozens of products assaulting the senses on the cosmetic shelves in stores worldwide, it is refreshing to finally find a product that is, just at its claims, to be 100% natural with soothing and healing properties.

Give your skin that wonderful spa treatment with an Aztec Clay mask. It is one of those times that getting a little dirty is the key to the radiant complexion you have always dreamed of having. Free yourself of the dull, lifeless layers and unveil the bright, lustrous skin hidden beneath. You will be left with nothing more than beautiful, clear, naturally glowing skin you will want to show off to the whole world.