Barberry Oil


What is Barberry Oil?

Barberry or “Berberis vulgaris” is a woody plant that belongs to the Berberidaceae family that is local to Western Asia, Northwest part of Africa and South Europe. Other common Names include sour-spine, Pepperidge bush, snowberry, wood sour, jaundice berry, Berberis, trailing mahonia, or Oregon grape.


Barberry has become popular in US and Europe as a yard plant although it grows naturally, mainly used for hedging because of its branches that have thorns. This shrub grows to a height of 4 meters approximately. The leaves vary in shape with a length of around 2 to 5 centimeters. The central leaves have three spines that resemble a fork. The subordinate leaves are oval and are attached by a needle that has three branches.  The herb’s flowers are yellow and blossom for two months from April. Its red fruits are edible and have a diameter of about 5 millimeters. The fruits are incredibly sour and get ripe in late autumn or summer.


  • Investigations have shown that barberry is useful in the treatment of diarrhea but note that this condition could lead to severe issues if dealt wrongly. Use of barberry with antibiotics at the same time cause drug interactions in the body.
  • Taking barberry in low dosage would not result in side effects. However, consuming the supplement in large amounts can lead to vomiting or nose bleeding.
  • Barberry could be great for the liver although, for infants, it could result in liver problems. Take caution and keep it under lock and key!
  • It is better to avoid barberry in pregnant mothers than to deal with it. The herb could cause miscarriage.
  • In case you have diabetes, never combine barberry with the medication provided for the illness.


From the sour taste, you may guess that this species of berry must be abundant in Vitamin C. Right, actually, vitamin C is not alone in barberry. To get more, below is a list of the nutritional values of barberry.

Serving size: 100gram

  • Energy: 316 calories- Physical energy supports external body functions such as work, exercise, and play. We need mental strength to support, maintain and protect our lives continuously. Psychological activities such as reading, studying and daydreaming require energy.
  • Protein:6g- Your body needs proteins for building and repairing tissues. They are also essential in the production of hormones, enzymes and other body chemicals.
  • Carbohydrates:9g- These macronutrients fuel up your muscles, heart, kidneys, brain and the central nervous system.
  • Sugar:2g- Without sugars, your body will stop to function properly. Natural occurring sugars come from sources that benefit your diet.
  • Fat:5g- Good fat is generally in the state of mono- and polyunsaturated fats. Monounsaturated fats bring down the LDL levels that reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.
  • Dietary fiber: 7.4g- Insoluble fiber enhance the movement of material through the digestive system and increase the bulk of stool.
  • Vitamin C: 24mg- Is also called ascorbic acid and helps in repair, growth, and development of all body tissues.

Culinary Benefits

  • The berries are eaten and are rich in vitamin C with an extremely sharp flavor.
  • The berries are also essential in European and Middle Eastern rice Pilate recipes.
  • Act as food for small birds which disperse the berries in their droppings.
  • In Russia and Ukraine, extract from the berries are used in meals traditionally.

Health Benefits

Contains Antibacterial and Antifungal Agents

Experts suggest that barberry contains antifungal and antibacterial agents that make this fruit a perfect solution to infections.

Eases Up Inflammation

The root of most health problems is inflammation. The treatment process is a bit easier compared to dealing with the symptoms. Barberry helps to ease up the inflammation thus making the symptoms bearable.

Solutions to Infection in Urinary Tract

It's not easy to deal with urinary infections. Barberry offers an excellent solution to this kind of disease that takes place in the urinary tract.

Natural Treatment to Gastrointestinal Infections

Barberry contains potent antifungal and antibacterial agents that help to treat gastrointestinal infections.

Gets Rid of Sore Throat

As one of the components contained in barberry plant, vitamin C is an excellent cure for sore throats and other light conditions like a cold.

Improves Digestion

Every fruit that is rich in dietary fiber is excellent in digestion and barberry is not exempted. Insoluble fiber speeds up the movement of material through the digestive system and increases the bulk of stool.

Treatment for Diarrhea

Natural barberry treats diarrhea caused by bacteria. However, it’s recommended to contact a medical practitioner if the condition gets severe.

Home Remedy to Food Poisoning

Light cases of food poisoning can be tackled with barberry as a home remedy. The treatment process is facilitated by the antibacterial agents found in the herb.

Side Effects

Hypersensitivity reactions like itching, burning, and redness have been reported in some patients using topical dosage forms.