Bay leaf Oil

Bay leaf

What is Bay Leaf?

Scientifically, a bay tree belongs to the family of Lauraceae, in the subdivision; Laurus. The botanical name for a bay leaf is Laurus nobilis. Researchers state that a bay tree originally grew in Asia Minor. From there, it dominated to all other parts of Asia and the Mediterranean region.


The bay tree is about thirty feet tall. It has a structure that resembles a cone with leaves that are green. Bay flowers are green or yellow with a star shape. They appear in groups at the beginning of spring, and later create single green berries with one seed. The leaves are broad and feathery. They are green and shiny with a length of about 3-4 inches.


  • There is no sufficient evidence about the safety of using bay leaves in case you are breastfeeding or pregnant. Stay safe by avoiding the use.
  • Bay leaves are likely to interfere with the control f blood sugar. In case you have diabetes, regulate blood sugar carefully and consume bay leaves as medicine.
  • Bay leaves might reduce the function of the central nervous system. Suggestions indicate that these blades could slow down the CNS when included with anesthesia and other treatments used during and after surgery. Stop using these leaves as a treatment at least 14 days before a scheduled surgery.


The leaves of a bay tree do not only serve for medicinal purposes but also used in cooking. Potent nutrients in Bay leaves include:

Vitamins C, A, and B

Vitamin A maintains good vision, healthy skin, and fight free radicals. Vitamin C checks repair of body tissues, growth, and immunity.

Copper, calcium, selenium, zinc, magnesium, potassium

Magnesium changes blood sugar to energy. Calcium initiates the synthesis of DNA. Potassium regulates the alkaline/acid balance in the blood.

Essential oils

Essential oils are used for hormonal balance, efficient digestion, muscle relaxation, cold treatment, skin condition, pain and wrinkle reduction.

Antioxidants properties

Antioxidants help the body by removing and neutralizing free radicals from the bloodstream. When you have fewer antioxidants in your body, you are prone to suffer from damages caused by free radicals.

Lauric acid

This is beneficial in the treatment of stomach ailments such as nausea, ulcers, and gas.

Culinary Uses

  • Bay leaves that are freshly dried have a warm aroma that is added to food. The fragrance of the leaves is much more detectable than the taste. It is an herbal and floral aroma.
  • The leaves of this tree are used to season beverages and foods with a refreshing bitter flavor that is natural.
  • Bay leaves give forth to an essential oil that is used in cooking.
  • The essential oil that is extracted from the fruit of the plant is used for making soap.

Health Benefits

Healing Diabetes

Bay leaves have been proved for their effectiveness to heal diabetes type 2 and lower blood sugar in the body. For best results, patients are urged to use bay leaves for one month. The antioxidants in the leaves assist the body to process insulin efficiently.

Improving Our Heart Performance

The leaves of a bay tree have different substances like caffeic acid, salicylate, and rutin that raise the performance of your heart to prevent stroke. Other nutrients such as flavonoids bring blood to normal thus hindering hypertension.

Relieving the Pain

Oil that has been extracted from bay leaves has anti-inflammatory that reduces the pain caused by rheumatism, arthritis, and strain. This essential oil is also used for a headache and migraine. Bay leaves enhance an increase in the circulation of blood.

Preventing Cancer

Some of the nutrients found in bay leaves that trigger various kinds of cancer include catechin, eugenol, quercetin, and caffeic acid. The phytonutrients known as parthenolide is packaged in bay leaves beneficially for the development of cervical cancer cells.

Healing Cough

To solve any respiratory problem, you are expected to boil two or three pieces of bay leaves. Allow it to vaporize for ten minutes. Dip a piece of cloth to this solution and paste on the chest to relieve coughing, sneezing, and flu.

Insects Repellent

Laurat acid is a natural insect repellant deposited in bay leaves. Application of oil from bay leaves soothes insect stings and bites.

Healing Kidney Disruption

The process of resolving kidney infection includes boiling 5 grams of bay leaves in 200m-50ml of water. The solution is taken two times in a day to stop the formation of kidney stones.

Healing Uric Acid

The human body contains purin that causes the presence of uric acid. Bay leaves heal uric acid. The process involves washing and boiling ten pieces of bay leaves with ten glasses of water until you remain with five glasses. Take the solution two times in a day.

Side Effects

Both bay oil and bay leaf are LIKELY SAFE for a lot of people in food amounts. Ground bay leaves are POSSIBLY SAFE when taken orally in medicinal levels for a short term. However, if you cook whole bay leaf, ensure to remove it before eating the food. It is LIKELY UNSAFE to take the entire leaf by mouth. It won't digest, so it will keep on passing in the digestive system. Most likely, it might stagnate in the throat or pierce the walls of the intestines.