Bay Oil

Bay leaf - Source of Bay Oil

What is Bay Oil?

The bay tree is local to the Caribbean Islands from where people believe that it has spread to different parts of the world. Bay held a critical place in Ancient Rome and Greece also, in their religion, culture, and in their medications. Bay oil has its own recognition as a beneficial essential for health.


Bay oil from the bay tree is removed by steam distillation of new leaves of the narrows tree, whose botanical name is Laurus nobilis. The fundamental trait of bay essential oil is its various curing or healing power of diseases.


For high mount of eugenol, Bay oil can cause irritations on your skin. Also, it should be avoided during pregnancy.



Bay oil has Antiseptic properties which give wounds a viable defensive layer against bacteria and sepsis. This guides in the quicker mending of wounds.


Bay oil also has for its antibiotic properties. That means that it constrains any kind of biotic growth in your body, efficiently protecting you against those infections.


The bay oil has properties that relieve the pain of neuralgia. Being an analgesic, it decreases the pain in your affected area. Then, as an astringent, it persuades contraction in the blood vessels, thus lessening the pressure on the cranial nerve.


Bay essential oil can give you relief from pain and ache. Rubbing the oil with any other regular use oil will enhance blood circulation, and can likewise lessen muscle spasms, spinal pains, and sprains.


As an analgesic Bay essential oil reduces pain caused by coughs and colds, viral infections, influenza, and sprains. This oil is much better than the analgesic pills on the market, which can cause harm to your heart, digestive system, and the nervous system.

Boosts Appetite

Loss of appetite is a not very uncommon problem with metropolitan people. This finally persuades acute deficiencies in those people. Therefore, Bay essential oil can be a helping hand in this case. Nothing is better than a natural cure like the essential oil of bay to help them want and have a splendid lunch or dinner.


One major Bay essential oil benefit is its skin healing properties. It is an effective cleanser for all skin types; its astringent properties are perfect for getting even and glowing skin. It can minimize your pores, serve as a natural toner, and strengthen your skin tissues.

Menstruation issues

This Bay essential oil additionally triggers the opening of Menstruation cycle and makes it more normal. As a reward, you can get help from alternate indications related to periods, for example, cerebral pains, stomach spasms, queasiness, heaving, and weariness.

Natural insecticides

This essential oil likewise has insecticides property which naturally kills insects and bugs with its odor.


This oil knocks out nervous conditions and disorders. It also helps provide relief from conditions like epilepsy, hysteria, convulsions, anxiety, stress, depression, anger, etc.

Keeps Stomach Healthy

The stomach is the root of good health and is the cause of all health problems as well. What bay oil does is to keep it functioning healthily. It keeps it in very good condition, keeping it safe from abnormality.


Bay essential oil helps sweat and eases the elimination of toxins, excess salt, water, and fat from your body through sweat. This keeps your body lighter and defends it from illnesses caused due to the unaccepted aliments in your body.

Side effects

  • It can cause allergic skin reactions if your skin is extra sensitive.
  • We don’t know enough about the use of bay essential oil during pregnancy. Stay on the safe side and avoid using it.
  • It might be dangerous to apply bay essential oil to the skin during breastfeeding.
  • Kidney disease: balsam of Peru essential oil might cause kidney damage and might make existing kidney disease worse.