Boldo Oil


What is Boldo Oil?

Boldo is an evergreen herb that is indigenous to Peru and central Chile. It also grows in the mountainous area of the Andes in South America. Its most common names are boldus, boldeafragans, boldoa, and boldine. In scientific classification, Boldo plant belongs to the Monimiaceae family and its botanical name is Peumus boldus. The leaves of Boldo herb have a long history of usage in folk medicine.


Boldo is a perennial plant that thrives well in a temperate climate. The leaves of Boldo tree are broad, green, waxy and 2 inches in length. It also bears small round green fruits that resemble berries. Its flowers are small and bell-like in shape and have a yellowish hue. It is mostly utilized for culinary and medicinal purposes. The plant features a lemon smell with its dried leaves and fruit being the most used.


  • Boldo or anything made from it should not be taken by lactating or pregnant mothers (because of its potential to induce abortion).
  • If Boldo is taken as medicine, it should not overdose.


Culinary Benefits

  • In Chile, the small fruits of Boldo are harvested and dried to be used as pepper in cooking.
  • The leaves of the plant have a complexity of taste and are used to flavor meats.
  • Boldo is used for Northern Indian Kurmas and the spice mixture garam masala.
  • Boldo leaves are best suitable for fish.
  • The leaves enrich tasty gravies and sauces.
  • Boldo leaves are suited for mushrooms and pickled vegetables.

Health Benefits

Supports liver health

The liver is a very crucial organ in the body that helps to remove and clean all wastes and toxins in the blood by the aid of bile. The leaves of Boldo are used to make tea popularly known as Boldo tea. This Boldo tea has a positive effect on the functionality of the liver. It boosts the liver to produce the digestive bile, which serves significant functions including facilitating the removal of poisons and wastes from the liver. Its anti-inflammatory ability reduces the inflammation in the liver.

Aids digestion

By stimulating liver's production of bile, Boldo tea enhances food break down into nutrients. The antispasmodic qualities contained in Boldo tea helps in calming the stomach cramps and also serves as a moderate herbal laxative lessening constipation. Also, Boldo tea boosts the appetite of someone with consuming difficulties.

Eliminates gallstones

Do you think gallstones are the real stones? No, they aren't. These are small, disastrous deposits that occur in the gallbladder. Due to its capability to improve bile stimulation in the liver, Boldo tea eliminates gallstones before causing severe problems.

Supports immune functions

Boldo has antioxidant and cytoprotective properties which aid the immune system to remain stable in fighting antigens. The antioxidants keep free radicals from attributing to cell damage that could otherwise make them susceptible to infection.

Side effects

  • In spite of the benefits of Boldo tea, it can be unsafe when used for medicinal purposes. Boldo contains ascoride which is a harmful chemical that is natural. Boldo can cause skin irritation when applied. There have been some concerns that if someone has the liver disease, he or she should not take Boldo.
  • Also, Boldo causes slow clotting of blood, and therefore, if surgery is scheduled for someone, the person is advised to avoid taking Boldo tea in two weeks before. They say much of everything is harmful. We have seen that boldo is effective in stimulating the production of digestive bile, but too much production of it is still detrimental.