Calamansi oil

Calamansi Oil

What is Calamansi Oil?

There's not much known about Calamansi Oil. There is little research about the oil and it's impartially unrewarding yet. Calamansi is what we use in making juices, cooking, cleaning, and laundry. Calamansi is available everywhere. It is a vital part of a Filipino's life. Like Lemon and other sour fruits, Calamansi produces essential oils from its skin.


It's actually brilliant to know that there's something indigenous in Philippine that can be used like Lemon. Philippine is the world's largest producer of Calamansi and its oil. So they definitely take advantage of the plentiful supply in the country. Its scientific name is Citrofortunella microcarpa. It’s said that Calamansi is originated from China. But then, it is cultivated in the Philippines. Through the years, it has expanded to India, Malaysia and throughout Southern and East Asia.


We don’t advise to use them during the Calamansi oil during pregnancy and breastfeeding. And also try to avoid it while breastfeeding as well.


Removes the odor

Calamansi Oil has the ability to help clean any bad odor. It removes the unwanted odors by overwhelming other scent molecules in the air.

Anti-anxiety effects

Smelling Calamansi Oil can affect actions. Studies have shown that Calamansi Oil has anti-anxiety effects. Just by smelling it, you can feel relaxed.

Natural insecticides

This essential oil has a property of insecticides which naturally kills insects and bugs with its odor.

Helps with respiratory issues

The oil can help relieve symptoms of respiratory diseases. Best if you can combine with Peppermint and Eucalyptus essential oils.


Mix a few drops of Calamansi oil in a glass of water and stir it. Start gargling with the solution. It helps remove bad breath and disinfects your mouth.