Calamus Oil

Calamus Oil

What is Calamus oil?

Calamus oil is collected from fresh or dried roots of calamus plant. The process is done through steam distillation. Calamus is a plant that grows best in watery, muddy places. It is inherent to Europe and Asia. Botanically, Calamus is known as Acorus Calamus. The chief components of this essential oil are acorenone, alpha calacorene, alpha aselinene, beta gurjunene etc.


Calamus oil contains a composite named Asorone, which is toxic and it is cancer-causing. It has sedative effects as well and can result in spasms and hallucinations if taken in high doses. Therefore, avoid oral consumption unless you’re under the guidance of an expert consultant. Pregnant women should strictly avoid using the oil.


Anti-rheumatic & Anti-Arthritic

Calamus oil mainly excites the nerves and blood circulation. It stimulates and increases the rate of blood circulation in the affected area and gives release from the pain.


Calamus essential oil can give you relief from pain and ache. Rubbing the oil with any other regular use oil will enhance blood circulation, and can likewise lessen muscle spasms, spinal pains, and sprains.


Calamus oil also has its antibiotic properties. That means that it constrains any kind of biotic growth in your body, efficiently protecting you against those infections.


This essential oil has a refreshing effect on the brain. It is effective in curing neurotic disorders. This oil also promotes positive thoughts.

Boosting Memory

The oil of Calamus has memory-boosting effects. If you’re undergoing or have undergone memory loss due to aging, trauma, or any other reason, this oil is a great cure for you. People also use this to repair certain damages in the brain tissues and neurons.


Calamus oil is nervine and helps maintain the ideal health of the nervous system. It supports recovering them from shock and other brain damages. The oil also decreases chances of attacks and various nervous afflictions.


Calamus oil is particularly stimulating for the nervous system and the brain. It excites nerves and helps attain awareness and steadiness. It also kindles the hormones, blood circulation, and other functions inside the body.


A low dose of Calamus oil can bring sleep and work as a very active tranquilizer. If you suffer from insomnia this oil can help. This tranquilizing effect relaxes the body and the mind and helps people get a good and healthy rest.

Side effects

  • Don’t use the oil during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • This oil may cause spasms.
  • Oral Consumption this oil will cause health issues.