Camellia Essential Oil

Camellia Essential Oil

What is Camellia Essential Oil?

Camellia oil is the actual green tea oil that originates from Camellia sinensis plant used for obtaining tea. The oil can be used for cooking purposes and used in Southern China for decades. Also, used for cosmetic purposes.


Camellia oil is mild amber, green colored, with a sweet and pleasant aroma; although the oil lacks much of a taste it is quite bland.  The oil has a variety of fatty acids that are essential for use in your therapeutic purposes. The saturated fats like gamma linoleic acid (8.8%) and stearic acid (1.1%) play an important role in lowering your body’s cholesterol levels. It also contains vitamin E which is an important skin antioxidant helping your skin remain healthy and other minor minerals and vitamins. Some minerals include calcium, phosphorus, and potassium that are important in boosting your bones mineral density thus help maintain the bones health.


The oil comes explicitly from China; this oil can be altered easily with chemical agents that are harmful to your health. Therefore you should buy it only from a reputable dealer.


Skin Care

The oil is an essential moisturizer for your skin due to its exceptionally high content of oleic acid. The fatty acid is light and quickly absorbed into your skin. Also, this oil is good at removing makeup from your body. The oil additionally can be used to soften your nail hence making them easily manageable. The oil furthermore can be very helpful in managing cracked skins, wounds and scars on your body. By just applying it to the surface it will help fasten the process of wound healing.


Camellia is not well known in the used for hair purposes like camellia japonica oil, but it can be. You can do a hot oil conditioning using this oil, and it feels the same as using Olive oil.

Anti-cancer Properties

Are you battling with: breast cancer, uterus cancer, and colon cancer? If you are facing either of the above, you have every right to use camellia oil. It has been demonstrated to stop the spreading of this three cancer types. You can quickly develop a habit of cooking with this oil.

Boosting Immunity

If you frequently consume tea seed oil; it functions it increasing your body’s immune system. The oil has micronutrients called triterpenoids that help promote your immune system; thus, keeping you free of any infections.

Anti-oxidant Agent

Camellia oil acts to relieve your body from oxidative stress. The anti-oxidants in this oil reduce oxidative stress found to cause many cardiovascular infections hence leaving your body system healthy.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Camellia oil has an avast amount of potassium mineral which when you consume camellia oil, the mineral can have an impact on your blood pressure levels, due to its role as a vasodilator. Although, the monounsaturated fats in this oil can also positively affect hypertension, helping you lower your risk of heart attack and stroke

Treats Osteoporosis

The oil contains a variety of minerals like calcium, phosphorous and potassium; the minerals can assist maintain bone mineral density and decrease the rate of the onset of osteoporosis as you age.

Other benefits

Camellia oil is used as a machine lubricant. The oil can cleanse and lubricate some parts of the machine.

Camellia oil is known to be used in iron products to prevent them from rusting.

Camellia oil is an ingredient in many cosmetic products like night creams, perfumes, and hair care products.

Side Effects

There is no much information on the side effects of this oil but can cause skin inflammation, hypotension, and other adverse reactions depending on its quality and processing method.

Irritation: It contains a high concentration of chemical compounds and fatty acids that can cause skin irritation in some people when topically applied.

Blood Pressure: The amount of potassium ion in the oil is very high, and due to blood-pressure-lowering effects of monounsaturated fats it is beneficial for people who are at risk of cardiovascular problems, but for those already under medication for hypertension, this combined use can result in dangerously low blood pressure levels.