Galbanum Oil

Galbanum oil

What is Galbanum oil?

Galbanum is not anything new for us. It has been known since the times of the ancient Roman and Greek civilizations, where it was burnt in incense sticks, mixed in bath water, used in skin balms, and as a perfume. The fresh earthy and woody aroma of this oil brings pleasure to both the mind and soul.


It is extracted by steam distillation of the resin that is obtained from the galbanum plant, which bears the scientific name Ferula galbaniflua. It is native to Iran and some of that nation’s neighboring countries. The chief constituents of galbanum essential oil are cadinene, cardinal, myrcene, and pinene. The health benefits of galbanum essential oil can be attributed to its properties as an anti-arthritic, anti-rheumatic, anti-spasmodic, cicatrizant, circulatory, decongestant, detoxifier, emollient, insecticide, anti-parasitic, and vulnerary substance.


No obvious threats have been found. Still, it should not be used indiscriminately or in very heavy dosages.


Stimulates blood circulation

Being a good circulatory stimulator and detoxifier, this oil helps cure arthritis and rheumatism by improving blood circulation in the body, particularly in the joints, as well as by promoting the removal of toxic or unwanted substances from the body

Relieves spasms

The essential oil of galbanum is particularly good at treating muscular spasms. All sportsmen and athletes should pay attention to this! Galbanum essential oil is very good at relieving cramps or muscle pulls.

Reduces scar marks

If you have any scars on your face (or anywhere else) and look like a villain (which you are not) and you desperately want to get rid of them, then you should try this essential oil.

Acts as decongestant

This oil has earned quite a good reputation as a decongestant and is found particularly effective in clearing up the congestion that results from bronchitis. Furthermore, it clears congestion in the nasal tracts, bronchi, trachea, larynx, pharynx, and lungs.

Detoxifies the body

This oil is a good remedy for boils, acne, and abscesses since it helps to remove the toxins from the blood. Furthermore, it regulates the production of certain hormones, which in turn affect the production of sebum from the sebaceous glands and helps get rid of the skin conditions mentioned above.

Rejuvenates the skin

The essential oil of galbanum has certain effects on the skin that everyone desires. It rejuvenates aging skin and gives it a younger and toned look. It also pulls up sagging skin, frees it from wrinkles, and basically gives you an organic facelift.

Kills insects

The smell of the essential oil of galbanum keeps insects away. If used in incense sticks (as it has been used since ancient times), in room freshener sprays, or vaporizers, it can drive mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, ants, and other insects away. It can also kill certain insects but is not that effective on cockroaches (remember! They can even survive nuclear explosions).

Stimulates circulation

Galbanum essential oil promotes and stimulates the circulation of blood and lymph in the body, thereby giving relief from the diseases arising from obstructed or improper circulation, such as rheumatism, arthritis, and gout.

Anti-parasitic property

This oil is very effective in keeping away parasites on both humans and pets, such as louse, fleas, lice, bed-bugs, mosquitoes, and others. If added to bathing water or shampoo, it can help you get rid of the problem of lice in your hair.

Speeds up healing

The essential oil of galbanum is good for healing wounds. It does so by promoting the crowding of leucocytes and platelets in the wounded places, as well as by forming a protective covering against any sort of infection. It inhibits any kind of microbial (fungal or bacterial) growth in the wounded area and makes it heal faster.

Side effects

There isn't enough information available to know if it is safe to take galbanum by mouth in medicinal amounts, which are typically larger.