Grape Seed Oil

Grape seed oil 

What is Grape Seed Oil?

Grape seed oil is obtained from the seed of grapefruits. It is used in winemaking while in European countries used it in the treatment of various disorders related to skin and eyes.

Components of grape seed oil

Grape seed oil contains the following elements: fats, proteins, cholesterol, sodium, dietary fiber, sugars, vitamin a, vitamin e, carbohydrates, sugars, calcium, and iron.


If you are allergic to grapes, you may not be able to use the oil extract, secondly if you are on anticoagulant drugs and medications to decrease your cholesterol and blood pressure. You should seek your doctor’s advice before usage of the oil and its extracts.


Anti-inflammatory and general health

According to studies, grape seed oil can prove essential in improving inflammatory conditions in overweight women. It also contains omega-6 fatty acids which studies show that when you consume it has beneficial effects towards allergies, arthritis and breast cancer. Oil rich in vitamin e; that improves the body’s immune system.

Skin health benefits

Most cosmetic products prefer the use of this oil as their base oil. The oil is rich in vitamins c, d, and e.  The vitamins help your body to decrease wrinkles and scars. Also, it helps in tightening of your skin. According to Linus Pauling Institute, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are essential for you to proper skin function and appearance. These two amino acids are found in grape seed oil. Hence, its consumption is beneficial to your skin health.

Potential wound healing agent

Grape seed oil has proved a potential agent in the treatment of infected wounds. The oil contains linoleic acid which is the essential fatty acid in the regeneration of skin and cell membranes. So, in case of skin injury, apply this oil on your skin for a speedy recovery.

Grape seed oil for physical intimacy

Grape seed oil an excellent lubricant; it contains proanthocyanins which are sought to improve your sexual health.

Potential antioxidants

Grape seed oil contains proanthocyanidins an excellent antioxidant agent. It helps in diminishing the destructive effects of the sun and thus helps reduce free radicals that can damage your skin. Also, it contains vitamin e, a potent antioxidant that is fat soluble, this vitamin helps you in preventing injuries to your cell membranes.

Cardiovascular benefits

The oil has reduced levels of low-density lipoproteins which are harmful to the heart as it accumulates in your arteries obstructing blood flow in your blood vessels. With the oil having increased high-density lipoproteins, it helps maintain your heart’s health by keeping your blood vessels clear.

Hair health

The oil is lighter than olive and coconut oils. Thus it moisturizes and conditions your hairs without leavening it feel greasy. Also, it reduces your potential infection with dandruff also to strengthen it. Furthermore, it makes your hair grow very fast due to its linoleic acid content, with vitamin e content also available helping your hair tissue to regenerate quickly.


Chronic stress causes internal and external pain in your body. The pressure can lead to rashes, premature aging, dry skin, and hair loss. This oil alone can’t handle relief stress, but its use in aromatherapy aids reduce anxiety and thus relieve pressure.

Other benefits

In some cases, deemed that if you are a diabetic patient, consumption of this grape seed oil will help your relief diabetes and sometimes cancer also.

Side effect

Treating yourself on a short-term basis with this oil has no side effects. Studies suggest you use a maximum of 12 weeks to decrease your risk of side effects associated with the oil. Mild effects associated with the use of the grape seed oil include increased blood pressure, dizziness, headache, nausea, and indigestion. Also, omega-6 fatty acid blocks the ability to balance hormones in your body hence could lead to obesity.