Having all day Fresh Breath

Growing up I didn't have the whitest teeth or even having all day fresh breath. Later on, I learned it may be due to some health issues such as dysbiosis but there are some steps you can take. 

Bad breath is a problem that many are fighting every day. One way that almost everyone uses to try and fight it is toothpaste and tooth brushing. It may surprise you however to hear that your All Natural Toothpaste may be the very cause of your problem. Bad breath toothpaste problems happen when the wrong combinations of chemicals compose the All Natural Toothpaste.

Bad breath is caused by bacteria, and only masking it with minty smelling toothpaste won't solve the actual problem. The cheeks, gum lines, and the tongue must always be cleaned and be kept as bacteria free as possible to avoid foul breath. This is a problem that All Natural Toothpaste is supposed to help solve. 

Finding a good All Natural Toothpaste is a step in the right direction, personally I use All Natural Toothpaste which is widely available in stores and online. There may be some popular brands of All Natural Toothpaste  but choose the one that environmentally conscientious as well. Before using an All Natural Toothpaste and a natural mouthwash (which you can make yourself) it helps to also floss and scrap your tongue with a tongue scraper.

Before brushing your teeth, I use my own personal mouthwash which is a combination of equal parts hydrogen peroxide, water and natural mouthwash. I combine the hydrogen peroxide, water and natural mouthwash in an old mouthwash container and then refill it when I need to. All Natural Toothpaste with a natural mouthwash I use is Organic which you can also find in many stores and online retailers. There are some other brands of natural mouthwash you can use or if you feel up to it you can make your own. By using natural mouthwash and All Natural Toothpaste you not only freshen your breath but also whiten your teeth and kill any bacteria as well. It can also help with recovery from any dental surgery or from a sinus/viral infection with its antibacterial properties.

To enhance your All Natural Toothpaste also add some baking soda and sea salt when I brush my teeth. By adding baking soda and sea salt it helps scrub your teeth and whiten them even more. You can choose to combine the baking soda and sea salt in a container; I used an old salt container to combine them.

To recap the process, I use that I would recommend is floss, tongue scrape, use gargle/swish natural mouthwash for 30 seconds and then brush with All Natural Toothpaste  with added baking soda and sea salt. I do this once a day and all that is needed is to brush before bed and your teeth and breath will be doing a lot better.

By using an All Natural Toothpaste and mouthwash it will whiten your teeth and freshen breath more efficiently and effectively. Most commercial toothpastes contain fluoride which can be harmful especially for sensitive individuals. Unlike All Natural Toothpaste, commercial mouthwashes often contain alcohol and other chemicals which freshen breath temporarily but in the long run ruin it and make it worse.