Making Me a Puller for Life

Some time ago I was searching for information on how to get my teeth whiter naturally. I have no aversion to dentists or anything like that but I was on this particular hunt for the most basic of reasons. I had no dental insurance and my smile was becoming downright embarrassing. My wanderings took me to a website that contained information on Natural Pulling Oil. I was intrigued by the information I found there and decided, why not?

Natural Pulling Oil truly is an amazing product that has grown in popularity, and rightfully so. Basically speaking, oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic method in which you use either sesame or sunflower oil to remove toxins from your bloodstream via your gums.

So the technique is quite simple. You take a tablespoon of Natural Pulling Oil and swish it around your mouth for 10 to 20 minutes. The technique takes advantage of a couple properties of Natural Pulling Oil, the first being a biochemical reaction that occurs between the oil and the bacteria and single cell organisms in the mouth. The fact that most single-cell organisms in the mouth have a lipid (fat) layer on the outside of the cell, the Natural Pulling Oil binds with the lipid layer of the bacteria. When you spit the oil out of your mouth after the pulling technique, you also spit out the bound bacteria and organisms with the used oil! So as you are swishing the oil around in your mouth, pull the Natural Pulling Oil back and forth between your teeth. If you find that you feel the need to swallow the oil, spit it out and put a lesser amount in. If you jaws feel tired or achy, you are probably swishing and working a little too hard so back off on the intensity. Repeat this process daily, or at least several times per week.

It is recommended to spit the used Natural Pulling Oil at the end of the procedure into the toilet for a couple of reasons, and both of which make sense. Number one, you don't want the oil to back up in the plumbing pipes, and number two it isn't a great idea to have the bacteria pulled from your mouth in the sink which can come into contact with dishes or splash upon you and so forth.

If you have never given this ancient technique a try, now is the time! Oral hygiene is an important aspect of overall health and wellness. It is advisable to get a quality source of Natural Pulling Oil such as an organic and naturally refined type. In most cases, the coconut oil will be semi-solid at room temperature but quickly liquefies once in the mouth.

Not only have I got the whitening I was anticipating but I have also discovered that the debilitating menstrual cramps that I once suffered from are no more. I understand that there are many more advantageous reasons for being an oil puller but for me, these 2 reasons alone have made me a puller for life.