Moringa Oil

Moringa Oil

What is Moringa Oil?

Before being a modern-day native to the Himalayas, the moringa can be traced all the way back to ancient Egypt where it was used for embalming and preservation in tombs. Though now recognized as native to India and Bangladesh, the diversity of the moringa has made it a global plant. Every part of the plant has some medicinal property or the other, from the bark, to leaves, and to the seeds and if carefully handled, the roots. Extracted through cold-pressing of the seeds, moringa oil has become a much sought-after ingredient for skin care and cosmetic products.


Moringa oil has a clear color and a nutty scent. It is also known as ben oil due to its high content of behenic acid. The oil is also high in oleic acid and is a rich source of vitamins b and c, and monosaturated fats. Its high antioxidant properties benefit the oil first and foremost as it preserves the oil from rancidity for several years, giving it a very long shelf life. The oil has very strong and lauded antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and antioxidant properties among others.


  • Conduct a skin test to avoid the surprise of irritation.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Pregnant women are advised to confer with their doctor before using this oil.


Keep it clean and cool

Moringa oil is noted for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, thus taking care of skin spoilers such as cuts, wounds, bruises, scrapes etc. The oil is marked for curing acne and spots on our bodies, eczema, making this oil a must-have handy first aid because after all that we all crave is flawless skin, right?

On the issue of flawless skin

Not only does this oil keep blemishes at bay, it is a powerful antioxidant which will clean and open your pores, leaving you fresh and ventilated. Oleic acid is a great moisturizer and thanks to the aforementioned antioxidant properties, it has the clear way to penetrate the skin and moisturize from the inside out. The oil also has emollient properties which help lock in moisture and protect your skin from flaking. Your skin will literally smile back at you.

Age with grace and without a trace

Who says you must be in Neverland to stay forever young? Moringa oil is famed for its anti-aging properties, packing all the necessary components to give you the perfect evergreen skin. It packs antioxidants that fight off free radicals and wrinkling, vitamin c which boosts collagen production and cell repair, and the moisturizing goodness of fatty acids will leave your skin rejuvenated in a timeless paradise of smoothness and shine.

Royal haircare

Moringa oil delivers key vitamins and nutrients to your hair that strengthen hair and fight off dandruff. Shiny, strong, rejuvenated hair is the result. It is also a good scalp moisturizer, especially if you have dry scalp.

Go to sleep

Moringa oil is known to induce sleep, a dependable ally if you suffer from insomnia.

High-end vitamins

Moringa oil is loaded with vitamin c and can be used as cooking oil. However, moringa oil for cooking gravitates to the expensive end of dealings and could set you back a few bucks. Quality comes at a price.

Side effects

  • Behenic acid is a saturated fat which when used in overdose can have adverse effects on the cardiovascular system.
  • Oleic acid lowers blood pressure, and so this oil should not be your companion if you have hypotension.
  • Can cause skin irritation as is common with most topical oils.