Mountain Savory Oil

 Mountain Savory Plant

What is Mountain Savory Oil?

Mountain savory or winter savory as it is also known can easily be mistaken for a thyme due to its slightly peppery scent, but it actually is a member of the mint family of plants. This perennial subshrub native of the Mediterranean and Europe which sprouts pale purple flowers and linear leaves has historically been an awesome kitchen herb, adding punch, seasoning and a twist to a wide range of meals. We are however in the age of essential oils now, and the healthy goodness of this plant could not be missed. Mountain savory oil is extracted by steam distillation of the whole herb.


Mountain savory oil can sometimes be a colorless liquid, though it is also known to have a pale-yellow color. It oil has a peppery and slightly sweet aroma and is loaded with phenol and carvacrol as its main compounds. Other constituents of the oil include; eucalyptol, thymol, cymene, terpinene, borneol, and terpineol. The presence of alcohols means the oil has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. It also has effective antiviral, antifungal, expectorant and tonic properties amongst others.


  • Keep out of the reach of children and adults (if undiluted) as well, especially if undiluted.
  • Pregnant women should first check in with a doctor before using this oil.
  • Do not use in excess amounts.


Boost up

The tonic properties of the mountain savory oil work principally on your nervous, circulatory and immune systems, giving them a nice healthy boost for more efficient function.

What infections?

Feeling less confident about your skin due to infections? Acne, ringworms? Can't bare the flu or violent bronchitis anymore? Get some mountain savory oil. The oil has very effective antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties which degrade infection worries to mere trifles.

You are expulsed

Mountain savory oil is also known for its expectorant effect. It prevents the accumulation of mucus and phlegm and also aids in their expulsion. It also soothes the throat.

No fungi!!!

Fungi overpopulation is a natural risk for humans because the body is a natural habitat to the candida albicans fungus which lines the walls of the intestines and even the tongue. Mountain savory oil has strong antifungal properties which make sure you have just the right remedy in hand to fight of a sudden outbreak because be rest assured, you do not want to let candida works its way to full-blown attack on your system.


Mountain savory oil is a good immune stimulant and has been known to stimulate the production of white blood cells.

Skin Saver

Our precious and cherished skin sometimes goes through the thick and thin with us and comes up worse for it, that’s why mountain savory oil is a must-have. The oil is loaded with antiseptic and antimicrobial properties that will take care of cuts, wounds, burns, insect bites and ulcers. The oil also helps do away with scars, keeping your skin as clear and unblemished as ever.


This should be a reason to get into aromatherapy if you haven't. Mountain savory oil positively affects sexual potency and stimulates sex hormones.

A happy stomach

Mountain savory oil has digestive qualities and helps prevent diction issues such as bloating. It relaxes the abdominal muscles and takes care of excess gas. It is also a good relief for indigestion or flatulence.

Side effects

  • Undiluted mountain savory oil should not be applied to your skin, it'll do just the opposite of all its skin related goodness.
  • The oil should not be applied to sensitive areas of the body such as the eyes
  • People with history of liver issues should not use this oil
  • Mountain savory oil increases blood pressure and so should be used with care