Myrrh Oil

Myrrh oil

What is Myrrh oil?

To be mentioned over 100 times in the bible makes you something special. Myrrh was an all-purpose oil in the past; spice, medicine, embalming agent, from Egypt to China, before Christ (1550 bc), and even when Christ was born (remember the 3 kings and their gifts??). It was that good and still is, 2000 years later. A natural oleosin, myrrh is a resin which can be found on the bark of the comephorid plant. Native to parts of Africa and the middle east, the shrub can grow up to about 5 meters high with sturdy knotted branches and small white flowers. The essential oil, myrrh oil, is extracted via steam distillation of the resin.


This amber oily liquid with a smoky sweet balsamic aroma has over 30 documented properties which are all beneficial to our health in a multiverse of ways. Principally constituted of sesquiterpenes, which are known primarily for their ability to affect the brain, the oil is also made up of terpenoids, and eugenol among others. Some of its well-established properties include; antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, anesthetic, emmenagogue, antifungal, tonic and expectorant amongst others. Let's explore a piece of its world of benefits, shall we?


  • A skin test is advised for people with sensitive or irritable skin, so as to avoid issues after use.
  • Pregnant women are advised to seek the guidance of a doctor, before using this oil.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.


Menstrual flow

Myrrh oil is a powerful emmenagogue and eases the walls of the uterus, thus making dysmenorrhea a less painful and more comfortable monthly experience.


Bacteria and the gang have got no place on, and in you This oil is loaded with powerful antibacterial, fungicidal and antiseptic properties which will exile any skin infection (thick acne, eczema, ringworms, psoriasis.). The oil works both externally and internally, leaving you 'squeaky' sanitized and microbe-free.


Skincare is both a responsibility and a passion. Whichever category you belong to, myrrh oil has got you covered and will leave you cherishing and doting on your skin. The oil has powerful antioxidant properties which efficiently fight off free radicals that damage skin. Your skin will feel revitalized and fresh, due to the deep cleaning effect of the antioxidizing agent.

No flame

Myrrh oil is a potent anti-inflammatory and will make sure you are left with neither inflammation nor related pain. It comes in very handy when you have a fever, skin infections, and oral health issues.

Oral Care

Myrrh oil is a top-notch dental care agent, you'll feel like a dentist. Myrrh oil has confirmed antifungal, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties is used to set your mouth right even from the most stubborn of mouth ails; gingivitis. Commonly used as a mouthwash agent as well, this oil will give you 32 dazzling white, and fresh reasons to smile always.

Keeping it tight

Our hair and skin are prized possessions but are always facing the constant wear and tear of daily life with us. Myrrh oil has astringent properties that make it essential for hair care and your skin; by strengthening the grip of hair roots and the follicles, myrrh oil leaves your hair firm and robust. This property is also key in stopping hemorrhaging in wounds and cuts.

Solves respiratory issues

Myrrh oil is a very reliable expectorant and will leave your nasal and respiratory passages clean and unclogged with phlegm and mucus, during bouts of cold, catarrh, or flu.

No authorized growth

As a powerful antioxidant, myrrh oil is being scientifically tested for its potential in killing cancerous cells. Its antioxidant nature rids the body of free radicals which cause cell and skin damage and promote cell mutation and tumors.

Side effects

  • Excessive ingestion of myrrh oil could cause stomach aches and even diarrhea.
  • Myrrh oil is known to affect heart rate and could cause irregularities.
  • This oil affects blood pressure and could lead to hypotension.
  • People using anti-coagulants should avoid this pill as it could possibly interact with the drug, with a negative outcome.
  • Pregnant women can suffer miscarriages if this oil is used in excess, it is abortifacient.