Neroli Oil

Neroli oil

What is Neroli oil?

Named in honor of the commune of neroli by the princess Marie-Anne de la Tremoille, neroli oil has been distinguished through the years for its fragrance. We've all probably heard and/or used the name "cologne" (eau-de-cologne) to refer to perfumes, ever wondered about its composition? Well, just so happens that neroli oil is the main ingredient in one of the most known perfumes in the world! A derivative from the blossoms of the evergreen bitter orange tree (orange has 5 variants. Keeping up??) Native to India and China, the tree has become a global plant due to its adaptation to the different climates. Neroli oil is extracted by steam distillation of the blossoms of the bitter orange tree.


Neroli oil could turn out a pale yellow, or coffee-brown liquid, but its intense sweet floral scent is unmistakable, even when adulterated. Neroli has a strong therapeutic application due to its terpene composition but is also very valuable in skin care and other healthcare fields due to the presence of compounds such as linalool, geraniol, camphene, farnesol, and linalyl acetate among others. Apart from being a famous deodorant (among perfumers), it is also known to have emollient, antiseptic, antibacterial, antispasmodic, antidepressant, anti-inflammation, anti-oxidant properties, among others. Let's get a feel for some its benefits.


  • Taking time out to do a skin test before using the oil will be wise, so as to avoid surprises of irritation later.
  • Using the undiluted form of the oil is not advised, be sure to clear with your doctor.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.


Zen master switch

Neroli oil is a well-documented antidepressant and stress reliever. If you need to unwind in a calm, serene mood, neroli oil is all the remedy you'll be needing.


Ever wanted to just sit back and enjoy people swipe guesses at your age, after seeing how flawless and bright your skin is? Neroli oil is a powerful antioxidant, taking out free radicals from the skin, regenerates and fortifies skin cells, making the skin firm, smooth and youthful. Neroli oil also has emollient properties, which will leave your skin baby soft and smooth. You should get ready to answer the question "what's your secret?" after use.

Microbe management

Good skin is in the eyes of the beholder, but the comfortable skin is all you. Let the antibacterial and antifungal properties of this oil give you that. Acne, ringworms, eczema, and other skin infections will have nothing on you.

Maintain the power grid

As recent as 2014, studies have shown the incredible anti-convulsant ability of neroli oil. It can prevent seizures in people with epilepsy.

Roses and candles

Neroli oil is known also to be an aphrodisiac. Whether you are rolling back the years, or just looking for extra juice to boost, neroli oil will guarantee a worthwhile unforgettable moment.

Sexual Booster

Neroli oil was tested to positive results of being able to increase serum cortisol levels, and increasing estrogen levels in the body, thereby slowing down the inevitable arrival of menopause. It is also known to increase and bolster sexual drive. Your youthfulness will be with you a long time.

Out of gas

Need to get pent-up gases in the stomach? Because those can be really uncomfortable. Neroli oil is loaded with carminative properties that will relieve you instantly and lower your blood pressure while at it. The fragrance of a whole town Need we say any more about the deodorant properties of neroli oil? Go try it out and you'll say a prayer for us every day!

Side effects

  • Neroli oil has sedative properties which could cause a lack of concentration, and /or induce sleep (don't try this if you got tests to prepare for).
  • The oil can easily be an irritant if applied to the wrong places such as the eyes.