Parsley Oil

Parsley Oil

What is Parsley oil?

Native to the Mediterranean, and much to Greece, this plant has become a worldwide herb with both culinary and healthcare attributes that endear it to the kitchen fridge, and home remedy kit. Parsley is a biennial herb with crinkly bright green leaves (foliage is more appropriate here), with greenish-yellow flowers. Having over 37 varieties, the plant is more popular as a culinary herb, serving as either a flavoring, or decorative herb. Parsley oil is extracted from every part of the plant; the seeds, roots, and leaves. Extraction is by steam distillation.


What you should know before we carry on!! Parsley oil can be extracted either from the herb itself or seed (mentioned earlier), but for a richer essential oil, the seeds are what you want to go for. So we'll continue here refering to the extract from the seeds. The oil usually is colourless, or may have a light pale-yellow colour, with a warm spicy herbaceous scent. Largely apiol-based, the oil's composition is packed with mystricin, pinene, terpinene, oleoresion, palmitic acid, tetromethoxyally-benzene, among others. The oil exhibits carminative, astringent, digestive, diuretic, antiseptic, antimicrobial, and detoxifying properties.


  • Skin patch tests are a good way to know if your skin supports the oil, they are recommended before use of the oil.
  • Pregnant women should keep away from this oil, or ask their doctor for directions, before use.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
Let's get a closer glimpse at these properties and their benefits to us.



The oil acts as a strong detox agent, and rids your system of toxins, excess salts, and water that could cause major harm if left to accumulate. Your blood will be refreshed and circulation will be much smoother and healthier, all to your healthy advantage.

Skin care - Astringent

Parsley oil has astringent properties beneficial to both your skin and hair; parsley oil will make your skin smooth and crinkle-free, giving it a youthful feel and look. The oil packs vitamins a and c as a bonus. They keep that skin vitalized and fresh always.

Hair care

Your hair will look straight, strong, and fresh with the use of parsley oil. Its astringent properties will promote the tightening of the scalp grip to hair, preventing hair loss and breakage.

Sterilize and clean

Parsley oil has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, which actively fight infections caused by bacteria and other microbes.

Gas out - Carminative

Carminatives help pass out uncomfortable and damaging excess of gas in the intestines. It also helps in relieving indigestion, flatulence, nausea and stomach aches.


Parsley oil promotes increased production of urine, and its subsequent elimination, thanks to its diuretic properties. This ensures proper circulation and functioning of body systems and organs, and also a quick way of eliminating excess salts and water from the body.

Side effects

  • Do not ingest in large quantities as it could cause liver damage. It is hepatoxic.
  • The oil is an abortifacient, if you are pregnant, don't risk it.
  • When being applied to your skin, dilute this oil, to avoid skin burns.