Pecan Oil

Pican Oil

What is Pecan Oil?

Pecan oil is gaining momentum in the current market in health and food industries. Derived from by pressing the kernel of pecan nut, the oil pure oil tends to have a mild or neutral odor and flavor allowing it to any recipe.


Nutritional Value of Pecans

Pecans have more than 19 vitamins and minerals including vitamin A, vitamin E, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, potassium and several B vitamins. Its nutritional profile is explained below:

Components of Pecan Oil

Pecan oil has a variety of nutritional content that helps it in playing various roles in the body. They include:

Pecans Nutritional value per 100 g.

Carbohydrates 13.86 g Pantothenic acid 0.863 mg
Protein  9.17 g Pyridoxine 0.210 mg
Total Fat 71.9 g Riboflavin 0.130 mg
Cholesterol 0 mg Thiamin 0.660 mg
Dietary Fiber 9.6 g Vitamin A 56 UI
Folates  22 µg Vitamin C 1.1 UI
Niacin 1.167 mg Vitamin E 24.44 mg
Calcium 70 mg Manganese 4.5 mg
Copper 1.2 mg Phosphorus 277 mg
Iron 2.53 mg Selenium 3.8 µg
Magnesium 121 mg Zinc 4.53 mg


If allergic consult your doctor first before use and always apply some oil at the back of your hand, to see if any allergy occurs.


From a study conducted by the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, pecans have the highest level of antioxidants compared to any tree nut. Furthermore, the oil is a powerhouse for many minerals like calcium, zinc, iron, selenium potassium and many more. Benefits obtained from this salts include:

Heart Healthy

Consumption of a little amount of pecan oil in your diet helps reduce the chances of contracting heart infections. Pecan oil contains an enormous amount of unsaturated fatty acid with phenolic antioxidants. The combined effect of these compounds aid minimizes heart stroke.

Improves Digestion

Did you know pecan oil is full of dietary fiber? The fiber helps reduce constipation, by allowing regular movement of bowels and maintain a healthy colon. Furthermore, the oil is essential in reducing hemorrhoids.

Boosting Immunity

According to Dr. Manoj, pecan oil is rich in manganese. This mineral is very vital for nerve conduction and brain functions. Consuming this also reduces the level of radicals in your body; due to the antioxidant activity of this mineral. Overall, pecan oil plays an in boosting immunity by reduction of the radical’s hence robust immune system.

Prevents Hair Loss

The manifestation of anemia is due to lack of adequate iron; which is one of the common origins of hair loss. But pecans are an excellent source of iron and hence, combat hair loss.

Stimulates Hair Growth

Vast amounts of L-arginine are derived from the pecan. The amino acid, L-arginine; is vital in treating male baldness in addition to encouragement of healthy hair growth. Furthermore, the amino acid helps maintain flexibility of blood vessels ensuring adequate flow of blood and sufficient nutrients available for the growth of hair.

Treats Osteoporosis

A pecan rich is helpful in your body diet it treats the symptoms of osteoporosis due to its healthy cocktail of manganese and copper, among other nutrients.

Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

Pecans have an enormous content of magnesium which is known for its anti-inflammatory benefits. Studies have shown that increased magnesium uptake lowers inflammation the body, and also reduces inflammation in the arterial walls, thus reducing the cardiovascular risk infections and other related disorders.

Reduces the Risk of Breast Cancer

Pecans contain oleic acid, a fatty acid which has been found to reduce the risk of breast cancer. This is through inhibition of migration and proliferation in breast cancer cells.

Anti-ageing Benefits

Pecans contain numerous antioxidants including vitamin A and vitamin E. These antioxidants fight and eliminate the free radicals responsible for causing premature skin aging.

Cooking Benefits of Pecan Oil

The oil has a high smoke point of 470° F. This allows you to use the oil for grilling, sautéeing, and browning meat in a skillet without efficiently burning it.

Side Effects

This oil has no side effects; however, certain people may be sensitive to specific chemical compositions present in pecans. The allergy is due to an immune reaction to the proteins as foreign material. People who are allergic to pecans show symptoms of vomiting, hives, and swelling of the throat and tongue.