Perilla essential oil

Perilla essential oil 

What is Perilla essential oil?

Perilla essential oil is derived from the leaves of perilla plant with the use of steam distillation method. Perillene, linonene, myristicin, beta-caryophyllene, linalool, myristicin, beta-farnesene, citral, l-perillaldehyde, perilla ketaone, rosmarinic acid and perillyl alcohol are the main constituents in perilla leaf oil. The leaves of perilla contain about less than one percent oil.


This oil contains anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anticarcinogenic, antioxidant, antidepressive and anxiolytic properties. This essential oil has peppery, minty, pleasant and woody fragrance. It is also used in cosmetics as well as in perfume industry. Perilla plant is also called Beefsteak Plant, Perilla red, Perilla white, Perilla Labiatae, Wild basil, Perilla fruit scent, Rattlesnake weed, Shiso and Purple mint. The plant is inherent to Asia and is known widely for its various health benefits.


  • Consult an expert for an internal use.
  • Allergic people should avoid it.
  • It should be used in moderate amounts.

Allergen sensitivity

Perilla leaf oil is a perfect substitute for antihistamine medication that has various side effects. It possesses a natural antihistamine property that lowers sensitivity to allergens as it lowers the production of specific mediators.

Antioxidant activity

This oil possesses an antioxidant activity that helps to eliminate free radicals and reactive oxygen molecules that are the cause of oxidative stress in the body. Inflammation is caused by oxidative stress and it also increases the chances of degenerative chronic diseases. It also prevents the chances of neurodegenerative conditions, cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular ailments.

Prevent cancer

Perilla leaves have compounds such as roamarinic acid and luteolin that provides anticancer effects. It inhibits angiogenesis that leads to cancer cells proliferation and tumor growth.The anticarcinogenic effects are studied on lung, kidney and skin carcinogenesis.

Lowers inflammation

It possesses anti-inflammatory properties which are also associated with antiallergic effects that inhibit the production of histamine. Inflammation is the cause of chronic and degenerative diseases.

Relieves stress

This oil has antidepressant, anxiolytic and neuroprotective effects. It helps to eliminate depression and anxiety. It is also used in aromatherapy to lower stress and also improves anxiety.

Nervous health

Perilla essential oil possesses neuroprotective properties that prevent degenerative neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease. It also relieves stress that could improve brain function and brain health.

Traditional uses

  • It is used as an expectorant and cough suppressant and helpful for flu, respiratory afflictions, and other problems.
  • It is helpful for common cold, flu and lung disorders.
  • It assists carcinoma, allergies, lowers inflammation and swelling.
  • It eliminates bacteria.
  • It is used for medications, aromatherapy purposes, massage, cooking and as a preservative.
  • It lowers cholesterol, prevents stroke and heart attack.
  • It is used to treat conjunctivitis and allergic pinkeye.
  • It also treats allergies, nausea, sunstroke, allergic rhinoconjunctivitis and muscle spasms.

Side effects

When put on the skin, perilla can cause an allergic skin reaction and rash.