Rose Oil

Romance, love, and perfection are often the first things that come to mind when we think of roses. These stunning masterpieces of the floral world solicit bold images of adulation. They are not among the most admired and sought-after flowers without reason. The smell of roses is intoxicating and uplifting. You always know when roses are in bloom even if you can’t see them.

Rose Oil, like many natural substances, has been used for skin care for many centuries. Some of the earliest consumers of this highly prized oil date back to ancient civilizations and Rose Oil is still one of the most expensive and highly sought after botanical oils. In fact, it takes tens of thousands of roses to produce just a tiny amount of rose oil. For this reason, it is used sparingly.

As a skin care ingredient, Rose Oil has been used as a powerful ally in our battle against skin imperfections and the fine lines that accompany the aging process. Used as a beauty product. Rose Oil performs miracles in diminishing damaged capillaries that lead to a puffy red complexion and it was the main component of one of the very first cold creams ever used. Today Rose Oil is equally effective in soothing and calming angry red skin as a result of infection or inflammation. Rose Oil is also widely used for its healing properties, giving wounds the means to heal quickly while at the same time, preventing the wound from becoming further inflamed. Rose Oil has some compelling astringent properties as well. It can give firmness to tired, sagging skin in a way that very few natural ingredients can. It will also moisturize your skin leaving it just as delicate and alluring as tender rose petal. The antioxidant properties plump up the skin cells giving them a new lease on life with an uplifting aroma that both entices and excites the senses.

Don’t be fooled by the delicate appearance of the world’s most famous flower. Concealed in the soft, velvety petals is a potently powerful combination of nutrients that nourish, protect and heal your skin and calm and relax your mind at the same time. You will bloom like the very flower these nutrients are extracted from and delight in the intoxicating essence of this extravagant blossom. Your blemishes and imperfections will be a distant memory, bringing forward an immaculate rose in human form. Like Juliet on her famed balcony waiting for her Romeo, you will captivate and enchant your audience like a rare Damascus rose from which Rose Oil is derived from, and just like this precious rose you will bloom and face the sun looking every bit as delicate and bewitching. While others revel as your exquisiteness, you will remain oblivious as you celebrate your inner beauty blossoming and making your spirit soar. Your Romeo will climb to your balcony just to spend a few short moments in your splendor before coming back down to Earth yearning for his unique rose to come down and greet him.