The Coal-d, Dark Truth: The Benefits of Charcoal Face Mask

With its unusual black hue making it stand out from the traditional light colored masks; charcoal face masks have been stealing the scene. It has been trending with beauty video bloggers, celebrities; and even regular teenagers and young adults. A lot of people have tried charcoal masks and have made different claims. With some claims good and some bad; it’s time we get to the bottom of the issue and find out what the benefits of charcoal face mask are.

The main ingredient, of course, is charcoal. But wait, a warning for those planning to try and make a DIY charcoal face mask at home: DON'T. The mixture of glue and charcoal powder is not good for your skin, at all. In fact, it will cause an even bigger damage. To get the true benefits of charcoal face mask, make sure you get an all-natural one from a reputable and legitimate source.

But the real questions here, is charcoal face mask really good for you?


Here are the facts:

  1. Real charcoal masks are made from activated charcoal; often used in hospitals and air filtration. Activated charcoal is an amazing detoxifying substance. It absorbs and pulls toxins out of your clogged pores; making it a good deep cleanser and an all-around face treatment.
  2. Real charcoal masks are designed to purify and all skin types including normal, dry, oily, sensitive, and blemished skin.
  3. Some people who have used charcoal masks have claimed that using it is really painful. The truth is, real charcoal masks should be made with 100% natural ingredients which will not harden like most chemical masks.
  4. If you want almost-instant results, charcoal face masks are great. They are known to be an all-in-one face treatment; removing blackheads and whiteheads, regulating oily skin, unclogging pores, and more.

The benefits of charcoal face mask are a gold mine. It is true that some commercially-produced charcoal face masks are painful because they rip off the top layer of your skin along with the natural oils that help protect your face from dirt. However, real, legitimate, all-natural charcoal face masks are a great treatment with outstanding results. This is the reason why it became a trend and such a hit with those who want to have near-perfect porcelain complexion.

Charcoal masks are quickly growing in popularity and it is becoming the newest, go-to solution for many of your skin’s afflictions. Nevertheless, no matter how many celebrities and social media stars endorse different brands and products; remember to be wary and critical. The Coal-d, Dark Truth is not all charcoal face masks are created equal. If you want the captivating benefits of charcoal face mask be careful to choose the right product that is both all-natural and tried and tested by skin care experts.