The Importance of Toners in My Skin Care Routine

For me, skin toners are one the best skin care products in my daily facial cleansing routine. Skin toners ensure complete removal from the skin of all cleansing preparations. They freshen and tone up my skin and prepare a clean surface for the application of make-up. They also restore the acid or alkali balance of my skin, because they are pH balanced. Most of them are designed to penetrate pores, refresh our skin while clearing away excess oil, impurities and dead skin cells that were not removed with my daily cleanser.

My Hydrating Facial Toner restores my skin's natural pH balance. When we wash our face, the pH balance of our skin is distorted leading to skin working overtime to restore pH levels; the process of skin restoring the pH levels on its own can take up as much as half an hour or more. And so, by using a skin toner, the pH level of my skin is restored instantly.

Choosing a toner is important to me since I know that I have a sensitive skin type. A wide variety of toners are available in the market and alcohol dries my skin making it a harmful solution for a sensitive skin like mine. It is thus safer for me to use an all-natural Hydrating Facial Toner.

The common herbs used in my facial toner includes Aloe Vera, lavender water, and hemp oil. It is ideal for me because it helps keep my skin and face moisturized, fresh and balances the pH levels. Hemp oil is the gentlest way of toning up. And I know that Aloe Vera is ideal bases for fresheners. These can be applied with cotton wool, using smooth, gentle upward strokes or sprayed on to the face. The cotton wool should come out relatively clean when toning. If it is not clean it indicates the cleansing has not been done properly. Do not succumb to the temptation to tone the skin whenever you feel it has become dirty. What I do is I used them only after my skin has completed a cleansing routine and not as a substitute for cleansing. So, remember that your toner must function as a toner and not as a cleanser.

For me toning is pleasant and refreshing, can act as an additional cleanser on my oily or dirty skin, and is valuable in removing any traces of grease that my cleanser may have left behind. I always think of it as the polishing touch as I add a Hydrating Facial Toner to my skincare routine to prevent acne breakouts. In addition to my normal washing routine, adding a toner after cleansing can help balance the Ph levels of my skin. This can prevent my skin from drying out or becoming too oily and will stop breakouts before they occur.

I take my skin problems seriously and be persistent about my facial care. I notice that if I forget for even a couple of days I could have acne outbreak. Taking care of my face takes patience and a lot of effort, and using Hydrating Facial Toner make it easier for me to finally control my outbreaks in my skin care treatment.