The Magic of Neem: The Effects of Neem Mask on Acne

Herbal plants are often ingredients found in your lotion, shampoo, soap, and other healthcare and beauty products. Plants such as Aloe Vera, papaya, and coconut are good remedies to your dry skin, damaged hair, and others. However, if you want to get rid of the acne on your face, you need to know the effects of Neem mask on acne

The Neem tree has always been used as a home remedy for ages, especially in India where the tree is usually found. The plant is known for its benefits on reproductive health, oral health, immune system, and of course, skin care. Neem powder from the Neem tree is the main ingredient of the Neem mask. It is full of natural compounds such as essential fatty acids and vitamin E which is very helpful for the skin.

So why should you use Neem mask to get rid of acne? You only need to remember the 3P.

1. It purifies.

Acne is caused by bacteria build-up on your face. Then Neem plant is known for its purifying abilities because of its “aspirin-like compound” according to Dr. Axe. It gets rid of the bacteria in your facial skin and cleans it all the way. Through continuous use, the root cause of acne will be gone. This is why using Neem mask is a good start to get rid of your acne.

2. It protects.

One of the best effects of Neem mask on acne is its kills bacteria. The nutrients of the plant help soothe the inflammation caused by the acne, thus preventing the acne from coming back. It protects your skin and gets rid of the redness that is caused by acne. Additionally, the mask itself will not hurt your skin for it is a natural remedy with no chemicals.

3. It pampers.

After purifying and protecting your skin from acne, Neem mask moves on to its third skin benefit. It rejuvenates your skin cells; leaving it soft, smooth, and plump. The fatty acids and vitamin E found in the plant are absorbed by the pores of your skin without making the skin greasy.

There are a lot of plants out there that could help make your skin flawless. There are also chemical formulas out there to get rid of your acne. Nevertheless, there is nothing out there with the almost-magical effects of Neem mask on acne. Acne is a sensitive skin disease the needs sensitive skin care which the Neem mask can provide. Again, just remember the 3P's: Neem mask purifies, protects, and pampers, and you'll be acne-free in no time