The Wonders of Essential Oils


If you are looking for an alternative to traditional or over-the-counter treatments for common issues, you may want to consider using essential oils. These proven essential oils have many benefits for almost every member of my family for a wide variety of ailments.

Therapeutic essential oils are great energy boosters, and there are several different types to choose from. Some popular choices are grapefruit, ginger, lemon, and peppermint. These are bright and fresh and are helpful in picking up your mood. Pink Grapefruit is known for the ability to lift your spirits by easing muscle aches and fatigue. Ginger is fresh and woody with hints of lemon, and it famously helps with digestion and proper blood flow. Lemon and peppermints are often used together. They both have a fresh, cooling property that can help you beat fatigue.

If you need to de-stress or relax, there are several therapeutic oils that can help you. Two very useful essentials for relaxation include lavender and chamomile. You can use these on their own or together. Lavender has many uses. It can help with stress, fatigue, and can even help with depression. It can also help heal the skin. Chamomile can help you relax, especially if you commonly deal with insomnia. To enhance your level of relaxation, you can make your own detox bath by adding a couple cups of Epsom salt to your bathwater along with ten to fifteen drops of the scent of your choice.

One such fascinating oil is Pure Peppermint Essential Oil. This oil comes from the peppermint plant which is a cross between spearmint & water mint; other parts of the plant also provide various health and other commercial benefits. Its flowers are indirectly large nectar producers while dried peppermint leaves are also used for various purposes. Pure Peppermint Essential Oil is considered to provide good radioprotective effects during cancer treatments. The best part of peppermint is its oil which mainly contains Mentone, menthol, methyl esters and minerals like manganese, iron, magnesium, calcium, folate, potassium, and copper and vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and even omega-3 fatty acids.

In terms of direct and indirect health benefits, Pure Peppermint Essential Oil has traditionally been known for its digestion-based benefits. In fact, peppermint is carminative hence it aids the removal of gas which is a principal effect of indigestion.

Some essential oils are great for increasing sensuality. These are typically more floral with a hint of spice as well. You can find many that have a variety of scents that are combined to create their own unique scents while having a pleasing effect. You can purchase them separately. You may also find them pre-mixed in many stores.

There is nothing more synonymous with health than nature. And it is often said that nature has a cure for every other problem, some early and some late. From cooking oils to essential oils, oils are one of the finest gifts nature has ever bestowed upon us.