Walnut Oil

Walnut Oil

What is Walnut oil?

Walnut oil is oil obtained from walnuts, Juglans regia. The oil is rich in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids in combination with saturated fats. The kernel contains approximately 60% of the oil; the plant is furthermore native in Persia and today grew worldwide mostly in California and Mexico as well as central and southern Europe.


Walnut oil contains a wide variety of properties that help it in working in a variety of ways.
Fats type percentage
Polyunsaturated Alpha-linolenic 14%  
Linoleic acid 58%
Eicosanoid Acid traces %
Behenic Acid traces %
Erucic Acid traces %
Monounsaturated Oleic acid 13 %
Palmitoleic Acid 0.1 %
Gadoleic Acid 0.4 %
Saturated (9%) Stearic Acid 2 %
Palmitic Acid 7 %


  • For diabetic and people under hypertension medication, you should consult your doctor before use.
  • Usually, apply a little oil at the back of your hand and wait for hours to see if any allergic reaction occurs before use.


Walnut and Cardiovascular Infections

Consuming walnut oil is beneficial to your health. Walnut oil helps in reduction of cholesterol levels hence aids your body’s cardiovascular system remain disease free.

Walnut and Hair Effects

Promotion of Hair Growth

Walnut oil contains high concentrations of potassium ions. Potassium ions are essential in promoting of cell regeneration. Therefore the hair cells will obtain the required mineral ion thus supporting its growth.

Fighting Dandruff

Keeping your scalp clean is essential in fighting dandruff. Walnut oil when applied regularly prevents the scalp from getting flaky, hence avoiding development of dandruff.

Preventing Hair Loss

Nobody likes to see losing a string of hair every time you comb. Walnut contains omega-3 fatty acid that is essential in preventing cell damage that leads to hair loss, thus helps keep hair preventing loss.

Skin Effects

Fighting wrinkles

Walnut oil has a greasy texture, frequent application of the oil on your skin helps in the disappearance of skin wrinkles and lines, hence fighting skin aging.

Dealing with Skin Infections

Our skins are always under attack from fungi.  Nobody likes to see their skin get damaged. Walnut oil is the solution. The oil is very efficient in dealing with fungal infections efficiently.

Other Uses

Improving Blood Circulation

Walnut contains high levels of monounsaturated fatty acids like omega-3 fatty acid that is essential in maintaining your blood vessels supple hence ensures free blood flow.

Lowering Cardiovascular Complications

Walnut effect in cardiovascular protection originates majorly from the constituent amino acid alpha-linolenic acid. This fatty acid is converted into EPA and DHA that studies have shown to have a relaxing effect on blood vessels hence ensure free flow of blood, therefore, promoting cardiovascular health

Maintains Hormone Levels

Walnut oil is rich in phytonutrients and is an excellent source of minerals like magnesium phosphorous, iron, calcium and iron that are helpful in stabilizing body hormones.

Walnuts oil for Wood Finish

By mixing 1/3 and 2/3 of walnut oil and beeswax form an excellent formulation to polish your wooden products giving them a nice glossy finish.

Walnut oil in Recipes

Do you feel like having something with a nutty flavor? Walnut oil is a perfect choice. So, you can add sugary food to reduce the sugar hence keeping your diabetes free.

Digestive problems

Walnut oil contains enormous amounts of fatty acids with dietary fiber that help in reducing constipation in your digestive system.

Reduces Stress

Walnut oil has an aroma that helps calm the mind and soothes your senses, but also consuming the oil is known to reduce stress by increasing energy in your body and mind. It’s also associated with reducing anxiety and depression.

Side effects

  • For someone who is on hypertension medications, consuming oil as possible impacts of lowering the blood pressure levels.
  • Walnut oil can be great for diabetic persons, but it can also lead to substantially low sugar levels.
  • Walnut oil can lead to skin irritation for allergic people.
  • Walnut oil also can lead to stomach upsets that manifest in the form of cramping, nausea, diarrhea, and bloating.