Water Beauty: Hydrating Effects of Rose Water

Water is a very vital part of one's life. After all, humans are 70% water. Water in itself is very good in washing away the toxins in your body and helping you stay alive. In fact, you will survive without food for a while but you will not survive without water. 

Needless to say, you should always stay hydrated. Your internal organs are not the only ones that need to be hydrated; your skin badly needs moisture, too.  However, pure water alone is not a very good moisturizer. By adding rose to that water equation and you have got yourself a winning combo. Now let's talk about the hydrating effects of rose water, shall we?

What is Rose Water?

Rose water is made up of rose oil extracted from rose petals and mixed with natural water. Rose water has been around for thousands of years and is known to have medicinal properties and as a beauty product. Because of its fragrant smell, rose water has been used as a perfume for a long time. Its historical miraculous uses are one of the reasons rose water is still popular and present today.

The hydrating effects of rose water may be old, but it is still gold. Let’s discuss why.

  1. It is super hydrating. Rose water has been used to beauty and skin experts to hydrate dry, dull skin, leaving it even and deeply moisturized after cleansing. It has been proven to hydrate dry, dull skin, leaving it hydrated, soothed, and balanced.
  2. It is anti-inflammatory. Rose water is a very good deep cleanser, removing excess oil and dirt and unclogging pores which cause redness and irritation of the skin. This makes it not only moisturizing but also a good treatment for acne and other inflammatory facial problems prevention.
  3. It is antibacterial. Other beauty products like soap and make-up usually change the normal pH level of the skin but rose water helps maintain the skin’s pH balance as to prevent bacteria from coming and even spreading. Thus, it helps heal the wounds you gain from acne, eczema, and other skin diseases. It also prevents infection that may worsen the damage.
  4. It is an antioxidant. One of the best hydrating effects of rose water is its ability to detoxify your skin. Rose water helps in keeping aging at bay. It alsp protects your skin cells from being damaged by the sun’s UV rays. This makes rose water not just a good source of hydration but also a good anti-aging product for those who want their skin to stay young, fresh, and healthy.

The rose really is a symbol of beauty. Its soft blushing pink and red petals calmly flowing with the wind is a reminder of how majestic anyone can be. Experience the hydrating effects of rose water for yourself and see and feel the difference