What our skin needs

Diet, lifestyle, genetics, the products you use, exercise, stress, exposure to environmental pollutants, and hormonal changes all play a role in the health and appearance of our skin. Because there are so many factors that affect our skin, there is no one product that is the "be all and end all" for great looking skin. Just like the rest of our body, our skin needs a Natural Vitamin E Serum to stay at its best.

However, a lot of those components that affect your skin from the inside out, and what can help from the outside in. A lot of us fear that we'll have to put up with the signs of aging. Truth is - there are some simple things we can do to minimize, if not outright prevent, the signs of aging. Let's take a look at some causes of aging, and the things that you can do to keep a healthy skin.

Stay hydrated! When our skin cells lose their hydration, they go from being plump, healthy cells to weak ones that cannot maintain the smooth, youthful appearance we strive for. You've probably heard this before, and there really is no shortcut for it: Drink lots of water! Common guidelines are 5-8 eight-ounce glasses, but feel free to check with your doctor or dietician to see if they have a different recommendation for you.

Exercise! By increasing blood flow, exercise helps nourish skin cells and keep them vital. "Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to working cells throughout the body, including the skin,". In addition to providing oxygen, blood flow also helps carry away waste products, including free radicals, from working cells. You can think of it as cleansing your skin from the inside." Most experts agree that a thirty-minute workout is more than enough for the average person. If you're headed outdoors to get your sweat on, though, make sure to protect your skin with Natural Vitamin E Serum with sunscreen.

Eat a balanced diet, focused on foods that are natural anti-oxidants. It's no secret that free radicals are a major contributor to aging. Free radicals are highly unstable molecules that damage your healthy cells. Foods that are high in antioxidants help to neutralize free radicals and prevent them from harming your skin. Foods rich in Vitamin C (citrus and berries, for example) are great at because Vitamin C is a potent anti-oxidant.

Protect your skin from the sun. Many dermatologists agree that sun damage is the #1 aging culprit. UV damage is extremely harmful for the skin. It creates free radicals, damages skin fibers, and causes most of the wrinkles and age spots on our face. Make sure to use Natural Vitamin E Serum with sun protection whenever you're headed out, even when it's cloudy. Just because you can't see the sun doesn't mean you're not exposing your skin to UV rays by using Natural Vitamin E Serum with sun protection.

Use a Natural Vitamin E Serum. They are important for your skin because they act like liquid specialists. Natural Vitamin E Serum have much smaller molecules than moisturizers, which means they're more likely to penetrate deep, and deliver all of their goodness into your skin. Look for a Natural Vitamin E Serum. Vitamin E is the only anti-oxidant proven to help rebuild collagen, and it can help reverse sun damage, and lighten sun spots.

Moisturize! Women with well-hydrated faces develop persistent wrinkles more slowly than those with dry skin. Keeping your skin's cells plumped up with moisture is the key to complexion perfection. Pick a Natural Vitamin E Serum with moisturizer and sun protection.