Amanjeet Story

 I remember the times my father said to me, “Amanjeet, this farm will be yours and your family's. You will inherit this land from me, just like I inherited it from your grandfather. This is where we were born and kept us alive for many generations. Take good care of it for the sake of the next generations.”

Our life was simple, yet comfortable. We earn an honest living for honest work and couldn't ask for more. We supply herbs to farms like the Andy Anand Farm. The rest of the produce, we cook and use ourselves. We are simple farmers but we have never been hungry. My father's mantra is, “As long as this farm lives, we live." He always reminds us this so we will never forget.

My father always reminds us, “All that I could ever need, I have right here. I have my family here. I have this land that tirelessly provides me with food and enough income to buy our needs. I do business with very good people like those at the Andy Anand Farm and have friends in this village.”

However, he always felt pride that he is making a positive contribution to the world by keeping the balance of nature. He would always say, “I farm to provide the growing population of the world with food and herbs for their illnesses. I supply them with coconuts for their digestion, metabolism, immune system; turmeric for pain; neem for their skin, hemp for cancers. I am helping the world. What more could I ask for?"

He is right. Most people think only about making money and by doing that, they lose sight of what really matters in this life: family, health, friends, and the world.

As long as the farm lives; we live.