Ramesh Story

I could never forget the look in my mother's eyes. Neither could I forget the way she screamed my name. Her voice filled with contagious excitement. My ears were still ringing from her shouting in my ear.

The day started like any other. I woke up and headed to the farm early; working diligently, sharing meals and laughs with the other farmers, admiring the incredible landscape of the vast Punjabi farms. It was so serene, so tranquil. I can’t imagine being anywhere else.

I am in charge of the farm until my father returns from visiting my grandfather. I always make sure to work hard because I love this farm. This farm is our bread and butter. I also wanted to help provide for my family and make them proud.

“Ramesh! Ramesh!” I heard my mother yell. She hurriedly ran towards me, hugged me, and screamed into my ear. “You did it. You did it!”

“I did what, Ami?" I said, trying to free myself from her excited grip and screams. She screamed once more. “Oh my son, my son.” said my mother. "Andy Anand Farm called. He will buy all our herbs, the turmeric, the neem, the mint, the hemp; all of it! Oh, I am so proud of you, son. Your father will be so proud!”

I felt like I was floating. Working with the Andy Anand Farm is a dream come true. This is life on the farm: filled with sweet, simple, incredible joys!